So. I skipped high school to stay home for study time for finals. Ok, I’m going to try and get through this without getting chills but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Anyway. I stayed home. When my mom came in to wake me up I told her I wanted to study at home (arguing ensued) and once she agreed she told me that she had heard someone say her name in the bathroom. I didn’t think anything of it and went back to sleep. Once I woke up completely alone an hour later I went downstairs to take a shower. I felt really weird walking through the house. Someone was definitely watching me. Out of the corner of my eye I could always see someone, except when I was in the hallway of course. I got out of the shower, walked back through the living room while being watched, and went upstairs to study. I felt fine and got a few hours of studying done with the occasional random clunking around from downstairs which I didn’t think anything of (even though all the dogs were upstairs with me and the fire downstairs wasn’t on). I went down stairs to go to the front bathroom to brush my teeth and the second I passed through the door I heard someone say “help me”.

I was kind of expecting something to happen, but that didn’t stop me from freezing in my tracks and immediately going back upstairs to text my mom. She called me right away. Apparently she was in the front bathroom getting ready this morning while my sister’s friend was in the shower and my sister was asleep. Someone said her name REALLY loudly because it could be heard over the fan on the fire and the noise of the shower so she went to check and see if it wasn’t my sisters friend even though she knew it wasn’t. My sister heard it too apparently. She also knew it wasn’t her friend even though she was half asleep. So I call her and as I’m talking to her I get REALLY cold. Eventually by the end of the conversation I was fine again. My mom wanted to call and ask all of her sisters if they were ok. She called the one she works with (the one whose yard I work in) and before she could call her younger sister, she emailed her. She almost never talks to my mom outside of family gatherings. Everything was fine with her, she was just replying to a message my mom sent a few days ago. I called the aunt we used to live next door with because she was going to give me a ride to college anyway.

Once that was all done I called J, who wasn’t even awake, and asked if she was fine. Which she was. After that I called my mom to let her know everything was fine here, and then sat down to try and study more. I got really shaky randomly and then suuuper cold again and felt like someone was behind me. I turned around and looked and there was a dense bit of slightly foggy air behind me. I immediately told her (my mom was sure at this point that it was a friend of hers from either high school or her earliy 20’s, I can’t remember which) to go downstairs and wait for my mom and to be patient and that I wasn’t able to help her. The air turned back to normal almost immediately and I warmed up pretty quickly. Oh and before this Kira had gone downstairs randomly and was barking down the hallway at her. After that I texted my mom again who called me to ask if I was doing ok, which I was. While I was talking to her a blue light flashed in front of me. It was just a blue little blip that probably wasn’t bigger than a quarter. At this point studying was nigh on impossible. I eventually went back downstairs and brushed my teeth, all the while feeling watched, and 100% sure that the person was standing in the hallway watching me brush my teeth. My aunt came half an hour early, measured the chair I wanted a slip cover made for ages ago but never got around to asking for or buying the fabric for it, and then we left.

Oh, but not before an ambulance pulled into the church parking lot and two guys got out and went in. I didn’t see if they pulled anyone out when they were leaving, but it was an odd thing to be happening with all the activity that was going on. Ok, I’m going to be done writing this because this whole time I felt like someone has been standing on my stairs watching me. Oh and last night while I was going to bed my staircase was creaking which it NEVER does unless someone is walking on it. It doesn’t creak for Kira at all, and only for Buttercup if she goes slow enough. It always does for Sam but he was laying on the floor at the foot of my bed for most of the night. SO. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this.

I failed my Italian final without a question. I tried on every activity but I’m sure I had little success. It took an hour and a half though. I was really jittery through the whole thing, and all the stuff from this morning didn’t help at all. I couldn’t focus either, which was not cool. English was easy. We watched a video and then turned in our assignments and left. No more college until January! Woot!