I’m going to write this out now while I’m still semi-awake. Today was soooo long and yet soooo short at the same time. I spent allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day trying to write this damn essay and only finished a few hours ago. It’s only three pages long too. I could’ve written more but at this point I’m too tired to care and since I met the requirements I’m happy.

I took a break around 3 ish to go buy a Christmas tree from my favorite nursery. They were really expensive there though (it’s because they actually care about the trees and so they put them in water so they stay healthy). So we didn’t get a tree there but got a hummingbird feeder since the two we have leak. They’re selling hanging pitcher  plants there too! I think my mom’s going to get me one for Christmas because she made me walk all the way around the rest of the nursery (which was torture) to make sure I didn’t want anything more than the pitcher plant. And since I didn’t gasp as loudly about anything else I think she knew what I wanted. Anyway, we got the feeder and a couple of ornaments for the “Bitch and Switch” party that J is having tomorrow at 7. It’s an all girls thing so I’m not invited, but I feel like girl automatically means the gays too. lol.

After that we went over to Safeway where the trees were all about $20 cheaper. So we grabbed one of those and threw it in a shopping cart (I felt so white-trash. I just laughed the entire way through the store). The needles were already falling everywhere though, where as the trees were happy and healthy at the nursery. They even had a few live ones which I considered getting. By the time we got home it was about three hours later which meant I had even less time to write.

I should be working on my Italian notecards right now but I wanted to write this out now. I’m thinking I’m going to skip high school tomorrow to get some extra study time in because high school classes tomorrow aren’t going to be useful to anything. Plus then I can sleep in an extra hour which will really help. I typed up all the things that are going to be in the final tomorrow and the list takes up a whole page. I’m sooo screwed. I’m debating whether or not I should even bother because even if I get a perfect A on this (even though there’s no chance in hell of that happening) my grade is so low it wont matter.

I think I’ve finally managed to PMS again. I randomly had a moment where I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t have some chocolate and then got extremely moody and made some hot coco (which is the only form of chocolate in the house at the moment). This couldn’t’ve come at a worse time because I’m finals are going to be bad enough as it is tomorrow! I am not looking forward to this!!! Thankfully my English paper is finished so I don’t have to worry about that.

Oh, R texted me no too long ago to say that there was some good news. Finals tomorrow are two hours long. Uuuuuugggggggghhhhhh. I’m going to die. There is no question. My death will occur tomorrow. Here is my last will and testament. I want my dogs to get everything. Well, not my books. Or anything really. They could have my socks, how bout that. Everything else should be achieved somewhere. Oh, umm, bury my body next to a forest and plant a tree over me. A willow would be nice. Or… wait! Wait! What’s that damn tree! My mom will know what it is, ask her. It’s the smelly one at my great uncle/aunts house in Oregon. The one with the pretty white flowers.

Wait, does this will count if I’m not exactly of sound mind? I’m too tired and insane to care at the moment. I’m going to bed. I’m skipping class tomorrow whether my mother likes it or not. Good night!