I forgot to mention yesterday that I had a seriously Hermione-ish moment on Thursday. During history my teacher asked if anyone knew how/why the native Americans were first to America. I was the only one to raise my hand and answered with a long explanation as to the evolutionary patterns and emigrational movements early humans took. My teacher pretty much had nothing to say after that and one of the girls on the other side of the room made a remark about how intelligent I was. Made me feel special lol. It was just surprising that no one else seemed to know that idea that humans originated in Africa and then moved slowly upward to Europe, then over to Russia and Asia, and then downward along the coasts and into Indonesia and those islands and things, while also moving upward and eventually crossing (possibly via icebridge) into Alaska and then meandering down Canada and into the US and further downward to South America. Especially since we went over the basic idea of that in Bio last year. Oh kids these days.

Today was pretty unexciting. I didn’t get up until 9 ish but did have a dream that I failed the Italian test (which we took in a building with a spinning/undulating floor god knows how many miles in the sky). I knew I failed but still felt immensely relieved to be handing in the test. I have a feeling that’s going to be exactly how I’m feeling on Monday lol. My sister went to the craft fair with J at 10 and my mom left at the same time to go have coffee with my aunt. After that my aunt and uncle brought over a 10 foot tall sunflower we bought from a guy who lives across the street from our last house. The flower part spins. It looks pretty good in our yard, I just think it needs to be sunk another foot into the ground. Of course our ground is crappy sand though, so I’ve got to dig a giant hole and plant the dang thing and then fill the whole in with rocks and dirt and junk. We’ll see when that happens lol.

After they left I took S a white poinsettia we bought from my cousin for his senior trip. We talked for at least an hour. She said she missed picking me up on my way home from school because it used to get her motivated to be up and ready for her day. It was really sweet of her to say. I found out that S (her son) is going to be moving back in for a while because S (her daughter/his sister) sold her house and is now living somewhere else. S (sister) and S (brother) lived together in the house that’s now sold. So S will be around more. He’s ALWAYS playing some video game or other so maybe I’ll get to sneak over a play a little bit also. Believe it or not but being silent for months on end does get boring. Go figure.

I then went back home so I could leave with my mom, John, and B (a woman my mom has been friends with for over a decade who lives down in the same town as my dad) to go to the craft fair. We hung out there for a while and conversed with some of the sales people. 95% of the people there were old women. I talked with a few of them about knitting (there were quite a few hats and scarves and toys for sale) and also rearranged J and my sister’s table because it was a complete disaster. Everything was a mess, the cards were out of order because they weren’t organizing them after people had picked them up, and they had some of the more boring cards out so I had to switch the inventory around a little bit. I stood there for at least 29 minutes rearranging the entire table. Once we were done with the fair we went out to Flying Saucer Pizza which was actually pretty good. Then we came home (my sister and J had to stay at the fair) and John and B left and then my mom and I watched Did you hear about the Morgan’s and a documentary on China.

Oh and my sister made $58 but didn’t make a profit because the cards cost $75 to buy.

Lol, pretty boring day all in all.