Wait wait wait. Did I seriously forget to post yesterday? I can’t believe I completely forgot to post. It’s been a LONG time since I just forgot like that. I guess it’s almost partially kind of excusable because I spent the entire evening writing my four pages essay. But still. I can’t believe I just forgot like that. That’s embarrassing lol. And shows how bad my memory’s getting.

I don’t even remember what I did yesterday. It was just a blah day really. I went to class, came home, and wrote my essay. That was it.

Today was much more exciting. H gave my sister and her friend and I a ride to starbucks then to school. I had a test in math that was completely insane and I’ll be lucky if I even get one point on it. I only did the first problem, but I know I did that completely wrong because I said i= -1 but its really i squared equals -1. And you can’t find the square root of a negative so I was screwed.

After the test (everyone finished early because it was so difficult that no one even bothered with the last question) one of the funnier kids (he’s Asian and sits next to my cousin and is really cute) decided we all needed to sing happy birthday to one of the other kids in class, Z. So we all start singing happy birthday and S (the cute Asian guy) stands up and starts dancing like a weirdo for Z. He was practically giving him a lap dance. It was really terrible but funny to watch at the same time. All I could think was, is he SERIOUSLY doing that right now? Towards the end of the song he jumped into Z’s lap, and ruffled his hair (by which time the song was done) and then said, “Happy birthday Z, how does it feel to be 15 and have an Asian in your lap?” Everyone laughed.

Then S sits back down in his own seat and asks my teacher when his birthday is. I was like O.M.G. And THEN he went on to say that if he didn’t answer then he (S) was going to pick some random day to be his birthday. I can’t remember exactly if he said he was going to give him a birthday dance too, but I’m pretty sure he did. He also asked what our teacher’s favorite breakfast desert is. *shakes head* I’m really scared as to what’s going to happen when it’s his birthday. Which, he informed us, was next Wednesday. Straight guys have all the fun. Why don’t I have some cute Asian guy dancing for me (actually, the dancing is unnecessary) and then ruffling my hair? Ruuude. It would be super embarrassing if that happened though lol. I don’t even know what I would do.

Italian was good today also. I felt kind of sad leaving class. Today was our last day together, and I feel like everyone was just starting to get comfortable with one another. To be honest I felt more sad about leaving Italian today than I have at the end of any regular school year. What does that tell you about my school experience? Before I forget though I have to explain (or at least mention) these RANDOM jokes. First, before class Ace and I were talking about what we were doing next quarter, and I talked about how I’m taking pottery and can throw on the potter’s wheel. He asked how tall my largest pot had been, and I said 8 inches because that was the tallest I threw while in class (the tallest I’ve ever done ever is 11 inches, but you couldn’t use it for anything). He then held up his hand with his pinky and thump extended out and said “oh, so about this tall then?” I wasn’t going to go ANY WHERE NEAR THAT. (Incase you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m talking about why he would know how long the span of his fingers is i.e. why he would’ve measured that, i.e. what certain body part guys like to measure…). He then tried to half cover up and prove that the distance from his thumb to pinky was 8 inches and pulled out his key chain with some measuring tape attached to it. He measured the distance right there so there would be no doubt that he was telling the truth. I quickly changed the subject lol.

Once R got there I immediately told her what happened and she jumped straight to the same conclusion I had. Then she said I should look at his pants to be sure! I was like, ewwwww NO! I had to say peaches and cream over and over again to get the image out of my mind. EWWW I just made the connection with cream. *gags* Omg omg. *thinks of rainbows and butterflies and cherry cordials* That’s better. We were in hysterics all period though. It was bad too because he had to go up and present in front of the class. The good thing was the funniest guy in the class was standing right next to him (he’s probably the cutest guy in that class) so I was able to keep my mind distracted while he was up there. Whenever he talked though I had to look down at my desk with my hands over my eyes and mutter peaches and cream (I hadn’t yet made the connection). R said the worst word possible though and called Ace our Italian dictionary. I immediately started chanting peaches and cream.

Class only got better from there. I managed to connect nove (9) to baby jesus in the manger (seriously have noooo idea where I came up with that but that’s what I think of when I hear nove). And then connected due (2) to Peter Pan because of “the second start on the right and straight on ‘till morning.” Then R and I had to argue about which star Peter Pan lived on and how to get there. lol.

English was boring. I threw together a rough draft before class and had two people edit it. All we did in class was turn in our stuff and leave. Class was barely 20 minutes. And all we’re doing Monday is turning in the two page essay and watching a short movie. Easiest class I ever took.

I came home straight after that and napped for a while but didn’t feel rested at al when I woke up. We had dinner with J next door and laughed the entire time. J asked my sister and me what the good and bad points of our week were (my mom used to do the same thing only she’d just say “high, low?” and she’d do it every day. We haven’t done that for years though.) My sister went off to tell us at least half a dozen hilarious stories that had my mom and me in tears numerous times. My sister even had to get up and run to the bathroom because she almost peed her pants from laughing so hard. I told the stories I mentioned above. J and my mom had some work related stories to tell, but didn’t really get to finish because my sister interrupted every five minutes with a new story or an obnoxious bout of laughter as she remembered various happenings this week. It was a fun dinner. After we were finished I came back home, farmed, and then watched Battle for Tera while knitting. It was a decent movie actually. Completely predictable and the graphics were terrible, but it was a cute movie in general.

And now I’ve managed to fill a page and a half. I wish writing my essay had been this easy lol. I’m going to be done now. Just note that tomorrow my sister is going to sell the cards (she’s been making little cards with pictures she took on them for most of this week) with J at some fair thing or other.