Well my thoughts about what I was going to blog about are completely gone thanks to Annie man candy. And incase you don’t know me by now, I HAVE to research something. Especially something so yummy as that. Seriously, go to her blog. I don’t care if you gay or straight or alien, that man is attractive whether you like it or not.

Now, about today. I went to my councilor and got my slip signed. She didn’t know what to do to get me enrolled back into the high school full time so she’s going to check on that. Not that it matters because I got the classes I wanted at the college so I’m going to stay at the college. I figured that taking something I actually want to do might make an impact on my grade. I’m going to take botany 110 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And Art 260 (pottery) for THREE HOURS (kill me now) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won’t get home until suuuper late on those days.

*Damn you Annie for getting that boy in my head! I can’t concentrate!)

I was thinking of updating my List too, but I can’t remember the newest guy I was going to add… again, thanks Annie. You’ve completely messed me up! I can’t remember all of the hotties I’d been thinking about today!

In other news, I’m definitely going to fail my Italian class. The final on Monday is worth 25% of my grade, and there’s no way I can pull off 100% to get a D. I wrote everything we’re doing on the test down but I don’t know how much that will help. I’ve done that for every other test and I’ve always gotten F’s. Ah well, at least I’m consistent.

Ok, and now I’m going to bed because I have spent the entire day working on the English essay I was supposed to do two weeks ago. I was writing and getting extremely stressed out because I was only on page 2 (I need 4) when I realized that the essay needed to be double spaced. My essay jumped from just over a page to just over 4 pages. I was close to tears I was so happy. All I need to do is write another paragraph and a conclusion and I’m done. I’m going to do some of it tomorrow morning and then in between classes at the college.

Ok, my heads falling over. Time for bed. Sweet dreams! If you don’t know what to think about think about Mr. Yummalicious who I mentioned before. I know that’s what I’m going to be dreaming of tonight. lol. actually I probably dream something weird again. I’ve had bizarre dreams for the past few nights but I can’t remember them.