I felt brain-dead alllll day. Here are my notes from first period. “note:imaginary non-real numbers are the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Such symbols as R (with a round back), C (with a slash from the top right end of the C to the middle) and E (more like a C with a line through the middle and then another line running vertically through the center) are irrelevant and useless to real life. I might as well’ve slept through that class.

History was alright. I did a little bit of work with the project we’re doing, but didn’t finish it until a few minutes ago. I’ve got about three times as much Italian homework as I thought I had, non of which is done. And today I got back one of my essays from English and got a D+ on it. I was furious. He said in his note that it was a B paper but because I was three inches short of the four page requirement, my margins were too wide and I didn’t have a quote he couldn’t “fairly” give me full credit. I can NOT fail that class. First of all it’s wayyyy too easy to fail, and second of all I’m failing Italian with no hope of recovering and I can’t fail more than two classes or I have to go back to the high school full time. Which will seriously kill me I think. English did go surprisingly fast today though. We were doing peer revisions (I didn’t do the essay at all, which now isn’t due until Friday :)) but we all finished early again and just got to talk. My group was really funny, which made things a lot better.

I got home and the hours seemed to slip by even faster. I honestly don’t know what I did for the last five hours. I need motivation! But before motivation I need sleep. Oh! I did find out some wonderful news today! The college quarter ends next Monday and the next quarter doesn’t start until January. So I basically get three weeks of only two hours of school a day. See what I would miss out on if I just went to high school?!