I think I forgot to mention what I want to name the kitten that I WILL be getting (even though my grandpa hasn’t called to say anything). Seconds after pulling away from my aunts house on the way home last night the name Yinx popped into my head. It was honestly a little random, and I don’t know what possessed me to put those letters together, but Yinx is the name I have decided on. I think it’s a good name.

I rearranged my room again today. I was still feeling cramped so I rotated a few things around. The short bookshelf that was next to/underneath the TV next to the Ficus tree was moved out of the way to be replaced by my computer. The empty space my computer used to occupy was filled again by the cedar cabinet and also the chair and footstool that I want covered. The couch was then slid over to the right so that it was closer to my bed, and the short bookshelf slid neatly in the space between the couch and the tall bookshelf. There’s a lot more usable floor space this way and the “entrance” to my room isn’t so closed. Even though the steps leading up to my room has all my shoes on either side as well as a ceramic heirloom and the watering can, lol. This also means I can now actually watch the TV I have because I can see it now. Before I had to either sit on my bed to watch it or drag my computer chair out into the middle of my floor.

In other news, John is moving. He doesn’t want to drag all his furniture and things across the country with him, so he’s going to sell them to us for practically nothing. We’ll be getting his enormous plasma flat screen along with the stand it comes on, his practically brand new couch and a large throw rug to match, and a few other odds and ends that aren’t so impressive or memorable (meaning I can’t remember what else, lol). My mom wants to leave his couch in the garage until we can get it covered because it’s leather. Our current couch is leather, but it’s seen half a dozen kittens/cats and four dogs so it’s a little damaged lol.

Did I mention that (I think it was) two days ago I bought several yards of the fabric I wanted to recover the chair? I was looking at it just now and didn’t think I’d mentioned it.

I’ve decided I need a cause. I’ve been feeling really (for lack of a better word) blah lately. I don’t CARE about anything at all anymore. It all seems so pointless. I mean, I still care about the dogs and my family, but I don’t care about anything else really. All the little issues and things that make up decent conversation seem soooo pointless. I realized I need something to care about and bring me back into the flow of life. I’ve managed to lodge myself somewhere along it’s bank and watch it all rush by, not caring about any of it. Dislodging myself and hurtling back into the rushing waters of reality will be difficult, but what’s even more difficult still is finding a reason strong enough to do it. I know I SHOULD do it, but I don’t have enough motivation. I need a reason to live. I don’t know what to do.

However, I’ve got a project, an essay and three days of homework that all need to be started and finished still, so I’ve got to go.