Sorry about not posting last night. The power went out before I could sign on. It was really random actually. I was home alone knitting and all of the sudden the lights dimmed, the fan on the fire stopped, and then everything came back on like usual, then it all dimmed again and then went out. There wasn’t any noise or explosion or anything. J texted me immediately and asked if I had lost power. I told her yes, and that she could come over if she wanted because my fire was still going even if the fan wasn’t. So she came over and played cards by candle light for a while, lol.

I was home alone because we went out to my aunts, the one I’ve been doing yard work for, to visit with my cousins up from Oregon. I was there for about 6 hours, but my dogs needed out so I hitched a ride with my uncle and cousins who were going home early. My mom and sister stayed for about another three after me.

In other exciting news, I might be getting a kitten!! My grandpa made a dog door in his garage so his border collie could come and go as she pleased while he was working in there. Apparently a kitten got in to the garage. My aunt (who we used to live by, and whose husband and children I rode home with) was there when the kitten was found or something like that and she told him we’d probably take the kitten. She told me about it and told me I should call him as soon as possible if I wanted it. So I called him right then and there only to find out he had taken the kitten across the street and put it in the black berry bushes where he thinks the mom lives. *sigh*. People should know I love animals and that I’ve been wanting a kitten for weeks! It’s an all black cat, but I don’t know if it’s male or female. I have a thing for black animals. I’ve got two black dogs, and this kitten would be my 5th black cat at least.

I think my grandpa might go out and try and find the kitten for me, but I don’t know. I hope he does though!

Dinner at my aunt’s house was nice. I felt really out of it all evening and couldn’t focus on anything though. Which was really annoying.  Per usual I was the least talked to person. I’m just easily forgettable and blend into the background. And it didn’t help that I was so out of it. I don’t even know what was wrong, my brain just wasn’t wanting to function properly.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Actually that’s not true. I’ve got a four page paper to write, due Monday. I’ve got a history project due Tuesday. I’ve got three days of Italian homework, all late, due sometime last week. I’ve also got Harry Potter to read and a scarf to finish knitting so I can start making slippers and baby gloves and things. Lol, what do you think I’m going to do first, considering the only thing I’ve started is the scarf and Harry Potter.