I got up early to be ready for my aunt when she came to get me to go to the yarn store. I thought my sister was home though, so I wrote her a note before I left and left the dogs out and the fire downstairs on. I didn’t find out until about half an hour before I got home that she left at 7 am with my mom to go to a friends house. Aparently they both told me yesterday but they should realize that I don’t pay attention whenever my sister’s plans are the topic of conversation and that if I’m told anything I forget it straight away because I don’t care enough to remember. Lol. Anyway. My uncle was driving and decided to come to the store with us, but first we went to Jimmy Johns for lunch. It was kind of a boring meal to tell you the truth. First mistake? They took all of the bread out of the freaking bread! It was just a crust! What is the point of bread if there’s no damn bread!

After that we went to the yarn store where I faced a solid wall of yarn. I couldn’t decide on anything, and the fact that I still don’t know what I want to make doesn’t help. So I just picked two sets of colors that worked with each other and called it a day. I felt really pressured because my uncle had nothing to do and I felt bad for him lol. To make matter’s worse the computers went down, so I just had to stand in line forever awkwardly. My aunt decided to buy 20 yards of fabric, which made me laugh, and then once that was cut she needed to go pick out some yarn. Eventually we managed to leave, and then headed to starbucks for some coffees. There was a sale across the street from that so we had to go over there and look. My aunt and uncle left their coffees in the car. Once we got back from the sale my uncle started to say something, paused and then said “oh, I was going to say I thought I could smell my coffee outside of the car”. Made me laugh, lol.

We went back to my aunt’s house to look at a few patterns for me, as well as some yarn. I left with a few patterns, but didn’t manage to start any today. My current project (my scarf) is only about 4 feet long. I think I want another 3 or 4 feet on it. I got home, found my house empty and did a bit of reading, played some Farmville, and things of that nature. Pretty quiet day all in all. My life is so boring lol. I’d say I feel bad for you guys who have to read this everyday, but I have to live it, so I think I’m a bit more deserving of pity.

Anyway, here’s a picture I forgot to post yesterday. It’s probably the worst picture ever taken, but it’s all I got at the moment.

That’s Kira. Asleep. With a ball in her mouth. She’s such a freak lol. She’s been doing this a lot lately. It’s like her little binky.