Today was pretty calm really. It snowed really hard for three hours before I woke up and was done by the time I did wake up. It made little to no impact on the existing snow levels. The roads were clear for the most part when we drove up to my Grandpas at 1. Oh, I have news about him. So, he was supposed to get married either this years summer, or last years summer, but didn’t actually get married. He and his “spouse” told everyone they did for a while before finally giving the up the façade. Today they announce that they really were going to get married. They’re planning to do it sometime around December 12th. No exact date yet as far as I know.

We hung around there for several hours and eventually plugged in Up. That is the saddest freaking movie! Ugh. I was almost in tears at least three times. And then the damn theme song was stuck in my head which didn’t help at all. After the movie we ate dinner. The only other relative who made it was my aunt (the one I’m working for). My grandpa’s fiancé’s sons came, along with several of their friends. My sister and I were the youngest people in the house by at least 30 years.

 After dinner we hung around until 7 ish and then eventually all got so tired we needed to leave. Once home my sister decided to call my grandparents on my dads side to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. I said hello too of course. Then she called my aunt, again on my dads side (the wife of my oldest uncle) and then my other aunt (the second oldest of the four kids). My dad wasn’t home. The reason for which was actually a cause of great annoyance with my sister yesterday. You see, my sister wanted to go down to my dads Wednesday evening, spend the night, and then come up Thursday morning because we were going to be doing things up here for thanksgiving. He, being the wonderful father he is, said the roads were too bad to come and get her, so she had to stay here. Now, years ago, when we didn’t want to go down, we tried to say the roads were too dangerous to drive on so he wouldn’t come and get us. Do you think we really wouldn’t know if the same excuse was used against us? Lol. My sister is livid.

Whenever we go see him again, she’s pretty much going to kill him. She said this was his second strike, though what his first was I can’t imagine, considering all the other shit he’s pulled.

And now I’m going to be finished because it’s much later than it should be and I’ve been distracted with Little Miss Sunshine so writing this thing out took a lot longer than it should’ve.

All I know about tomorrow is that I’m going yarn shopping with my aunt around 10 ish.