I woke up at an absolutely ungodly hour (a little before 5 am). My bay window dumped all the cold onto my bed, which made it impossible to keep warm. So I woke up and turned up my fireplace and opened the screen (which my mom doesn’t like me to do even though there are no sparks to be kept in, and keeping them open lets a lot more heat into the room). I usually open it when she’s sleeping or when she won’t be coming up to my room for a while. I can’t believe how much of a difference having them open makes. They let about 3 times as much heat into the room. You can put your hand ON the chain-link screen and feel a slight bit of warmth, but if the screens are open then you can feel the fire from three feet away in all directions. So, I tend to leave them open lol. I’m not worried that one of the logs will explode and burn down the house or anything. But just to keep my mom happy, I close them slightly while I sleep.

I spent most of today staring at my Farm. I got a little bit further into the 7th HP book. I forgot 90% of this book I think. Which isn’t surprising since I only read it once, and that was when it came out in 2007. I’m only on page 107. Did I mention why I woke up so early? Aside from being cold? I went to bed before 9 last night. I had a major headache so I lay down and managed to fall asleep within minutes. But, my body won’t let me sleep for more than 9 hours, so I woke up at 5. I still feel unrested, but my headache went away for the most part.

The snow around my house did little to no melting today. The little that did melt refroze almost immediately. The beehive had snow three inches deep on its roof and a large depression was in the middle where it was melting. There was also an icicle hanging from the corner of it where all the run off had dripped slowly and then frozen again. Rather pretty really.

The dogs have been in and out all day. Buttercup got a ton of ice in her fur, and I had to spend at least ten minutes wiping her down and yanking the ice out before I was sure she’d be able to heat up quickly. Kira had about as much trouble, but she’s smart enough to use Sam’s paw prints as her own pathway. She’s so tiny though that she had to lift one of her legs up over the snow to go potty. She was smart enough to go to next to the house or under large plants where the snow wasn’t as deep to go poop. Buttercup, however, couldn’t figure out what to do and ran around frantically trying to find a place to go. It was kind of funny to watch. She eventually couldn’t take it anymore and went in one spot, and then moved along as she needed.

Sam has been the least affected, but I still give him a wipe down when he comes in too. He doesn’t seem to mind. Lol.

My house has been rather cold for most of the day. The furnace keeps coming on. I’m wearing: a long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, a jacket, underwear, pajama bottoms, jeans, and wool socks. I’ve gone through hot and cold flashes. Cold flashes being the prominent one.

Anyway, I’ve still got to put another blanket on my bed before I go to sleep. Night!

PS: Glee! OMG! Kurt CANNOT leave!