I figured I’d write this out before I lost power. It’s snowing. A lot. A storm warning has been issued. School? Closed. That means I have no school all week. And it might just be a white Thanksgiving! Here are a few pictures of the dogs. This is Buttercups first time seeing snow. I couldn’t’ve asked for a better way to see it!

 Kira is such a little freak that she actually wanted to play fetch while outside. She eventually couldn’t though because her bone became so covered in snow that it was too cold for her little teeth to handle. She tried scratching the snow off but then she’d role it over to get the otherside and so her cause was lost. Really funny to watch though.

We’ve got at least 2 and a half inches here. It’s funny because we still have things like mums in bloom. The candy-tuff started blooming a few days ago actually, lol.

I LOVE snow. It’s such a pretty thing. Fresh and crisp; so pure and thick. It coats everything in a beautiful blanket of crystallized dormancy.

My mom left work a little after two because the weather is so bad. It’s almost a blizzard right now. We’re watching the news and traffic is terrible. I’m just sitting in my room with the fire on watching the storm through my bay windows. Oh and I’ve got hot chocolate. Lol.

Happy Hollidays!