I’m sorry I didn’t post last night. I was extremely tired and foolishly thought that going bed half an hour earlier would give me a bit more energy in the morning. I was wrong of course. I’m starting to feel a little bit better with my head cold thing. My nose will stay plugged for hours on end still, but it’s doing it less and less and for shorter periods of time. my head only throbs occasionally and less painfully, and I haven’t had a soar throat since yesterday morning.

My sister had a family get together for her birthday last night. Three of my aunts came, as did my uncle. My cousin was home from college, so she came, as did her younger brother (the one I have math with first period). He’s participating in No Shave November, so of course my sister needed to feel his beard. My sister is SUCH a weirdo! Lol. I told you about how a couple of summer’s ago we were all sitting around my neighbors/cousins kiddy pool to stay cool, and she started making patterns in my leg hair using the water right? Yes, I am sadly related to that. lol. Anyway, we just had a taco bar last night, but we still have a ton of left-overs because no one really ate much. I wasn’t hungry but still managed to eat a good deal of guacamole and force down a taco.

My two youngest cousins also came, and they were both really interested in my beehive. Especially the older of the two. She’s really allergic, as is her dad, but she wanted to see my extra hive boxes and pulled out the frames and asked a bunch of questions and things. I told her I’d be more than happy to help her get started if she wanted her own hive, lol. She’s not even ten yet though, so we’ll see how that goes later in life. Plus they have too small of a yard to comply with the beekeeping laws. Not that that matters really. It’s only a problem if you get reported, which isn’t likely to happen if you’re friends with your neighbors.

I did a little bit more reading yesterday, but not much. I’m having trouble focusing all of the sudden, which is annoying. I feel like knitting again, or making something. I don’t really DO anything to create or add to society, and I feel like I should. I just feel like at the end of the day I should be able to say I accomplished something. Which I haven’t been able to do for months. *sigh*

In other news, my fireplace is a bit crumby. The fake logs that are in there have started cracking, and when I tried to move one of them it broke in half. I rearranged them so that you couldn’t tell that two of the logs are broken (one of the logs was already halved when we moved in) but if any more break then I’ll have to take them all out and just have flames erupting from the metal pipes underneath. Which is boring.

Ok, I think I’m going to go and try and persuade my mom into taking me to the yarn store so I can buy a few more spools of the colors I need to finish a scarf I started last year. and maybe a few extras to get another project going.