I just finished The Half-Blood Prince and am fighting back tears. The last sentence of the book really got to me, lol. It’s just… just sad really. More me feeling sorry for myself than anything to be honest. The fact that I’m not trusting enough to let people in is really what the problem is. Harry has Ron and Hermione, who stick with him no matter what, and I don’t have any friends at all really. None whom I confide in or who confide in me. I haven’t shed a tear in front of anyone in years. I am completely alone. Alone and not doing anything to improve my situation. I’m consciously making the decision to stay by myself. To remain alone and unproductive. And it’s just sad to read about these people who will never be more than words who will stick together through anything and face death for each other. Just makes me sad is all, lol.

Today went by much too quickly. I asked my mom if we could go to the yarn store, but apparently we’re broke so we weren’t able to go. I thought half heartedly about practicing the piano, but that didn’t ever really go anywhere. And it’s been so cold out that it snowed for a good chunk of today, so I couldn’t go outside very much. The snow didn’t stick though, which was annoying. It was just small white bits of nothing falling from the sky really. Cold enough to get the furnace going though; despite both fireplaces being turned all the way up. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 38 and the low 28. So basically I’m going to freeze to death in between classes. My mom’s making me wear about thirty layers. I don’t know how I’m going to breath exactly. I need to knit myself a hat though… Long at my hair is, it only really does anything for my ears and neck. It’d be nice if the top of my head was warm too. lol.

Anyway, I’ve got homework to do, because despite having the whole day to do it, it managed not to do itself. Sometimes homework can be a bit lazy.