Guess what I saw tonight!!! Yep! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I walked out of English 25 minutes early (apparently the entire class was let out 10 minutes later) and my mom and I zoomed home to get my sister before rushing to the movies. We saw the 4:05 showing and arrived at the theater at 4 lol. The theater was only half full surprisingly, but once we got out of the movie we realized it was probably because we had managed to beat the rush of people who were just getting off work. My mom took the day off to go and see HP but unfortunately I had to go to school. Anyway, to the movie.

They did a good job of getting a lot of stuff covered, but there were the minor details that were annoying. For instance, they show Hermione cutting Harry’s already too-short hair. And then a few days later she comments on her shabby work, but his hair looks exactly like it did after she cut it; short and not messy. Harry’s hair is ALWAYS messy and unkempt looking. It’s the little things like that which spoil the movie. AND they didn’t ever play the Harry Potter theme song which has accompanied every movie and is always played at least twice. This movie sounded most un-Harry Potter like. They went to a good number of locations to film to show they were traveling though, which was neat. I should stop myself before I spoil things too much. Just wanted to say I managed to see the movie the day it came out. However, I’m irritated with myself for not seeing it last night. I’m sad the movies are ending though. It means the last of the Harry Potter experience is coming to a close. *begins crying*

I can officially say I’m sick I think. I woke up with a horrible headache. My right nostril has been plugged for days. I have a soar throat and have had random hot flashes during the day. After the movie my head felt like it was going to spilt at my ears and explode everywhere. A really pleasant feeling. I haven’t sneezed or coughed too much yet though, so that’s good. I preparation for the cold and unpleasant sick feelings I expected to have today, I wore a long sleeved shirt, with another shirt over top of that. Then my green jacket and finally my overcoat. I also wore wool socks which helped a lot. For extra precautions I brought my gloves and scarf. It wasn’t until I was walking out of the high school that I realized my mom was home for the day and was coming to get me, lol.