I think I’m sick. Today was especially cold (it snowed in the foothills and it’s supposed to get down into the mid 20’s this weekend). My fingers barely moved while I was outside simply because they were too cold. My nose began running about an hour before class and then came the sneezes. I’ve had a headache for the past couple days, and that was continued today, as well as the soar throat that’s been creeping up on me during the past few days as well. One nostril in my nose has been plugged for… well since I got home around 2 actually. I think I’ll be wearing a scarf tomorrow, because clearly two layers COATS isn’t enough to keep me warm. I wonder if I could squeeze my feet into my shoes if I was wearing my wool socks…

Classes were boring for the most part. Italian was amusing though. We mostly talked about random things again. I’m almost certain that I’m failing though. I just checked my high school grades and found that I have a B- in both Algebra 3-4 and US history, with a slightly higher percentage in the later. I’m pretty sure I’ve got at least a B in English 101 too, so that’s good.

Alright, my head is killing me. I’ve been stopping whatever I’ve been doing to hold my head in my hands to try and stop the incessant pressure. Unfortunately that hasn’t worked. I wasn’t feeling so bad earlier today though, so I did manage to get a few things done. I rearranged my room a little bit. And by a little bit I mean I turned my bed so that it now runs parallel to the bay window, and switched the Ficus and one of the shorter bookcases. I opened up my room a surprising amount. I did a bit of reading after that (I’m now on page 235 or something like that) and then cleaned the fish tank. I wonder how long it’s been since I did that lol. I might’ve done it once at the beginning of summer… My fish aren’t too happy with my I think. They used to get very excited when they saw me, and usually told me when someone was going to come into my room (they were usually 95% accurate) but now that I cleaned the tank they keep their tails to me and won’t communicate with me.

They would usually knock around the rocks at the bottom of their tank when someone was coming, but they haven’t bothered to even look at me except to tell me to go away (the male extends all his fins and the female hides behind him, which they never used to do). I am aware that this is an instinctive thing, but they used to only do it when the dogs were around or when someone else came in the room. *sigh* I suppose I’m going to have to apologize for neglecting them.

Anyway, goodnight lol.

PS: I didn’t get my haircut today. The salon didn’t have time for me and my mom was going to cancle anyway because she needs to budget me in at a later date.