Math went by pretty quickly today. We did a bunch of multiple choice questions in front of the class. Basically you went up in front of the class with the person who sits next to you, read off a math problem and it’s four possible answers, and then try and find the answer as quickly as possible. I spent most of the time dreading going up, not having a clue how to do anything, but then I got up there and managed to pick the right answer within thirty seconds. I really don’t even know what I did, but I managed to sound like I knew what I was talking about and got it right, lol. Just one of my many talents. We had to go twice though, the second time being a minute before class got out, which was pointless. So I walked up as slowly as I could, looked at the problem, looked at my shoulder partner and announced “I think we’ll save this for tomorrow” and walked back to my seat as the bell rang, lol.

Italian was fun today. We talked the entire period about random things in Italy. Like the discoteca. It’s basically a place to go and dance for people of all ages, where as here we think of it as the disco. After about half an hour my teacher gave us an evaluation from the college. We just had to fill in bubbles and say whether we liked her as a teacher or not. Got us out of class 20 minutes early which was nice.

I’m only on page 797, which isn’t good at all. How am I supposed to read the next two books by Friday? It’s not going to happen. And although I WANT to read this one, I have been getting distracted more and more and not focusing on the book, which is annoying.

Glee tonight was alright. I like gwyneth paltrow best as an actress. She can definitely sing, but I prefer her as an actress.

I seriously considered cutting all my hair off today. Seeing Darren Criss seemed to only increase the desire to do so. My hair is definitely much too long now. it turns my head into a point because if falls onto my shoulders and gets poufier the farther away from my head it gets. So it looks like I’ve got a triangle for a head. Not a good look.