The lights have been flickering threateningly for over an hour now so I’m going to try and write this before the power goes out. We’re in a bit of a mild windstorm right now. The wind began picking up around 5 and has continued gaining momentum through the evening. It’s been slamming into my side of the house so hard that my room shakes. My computer screen, lamp, and various leaves on my plants all shake with the room, and I can feel the room moving through my chair. The windows bulge inward with every gust. I had to turn on my fire to keep the wind from blowing down into my room.

The earlier bits of my day were fine. H brought me a starbucks this morning before class, so I just sat in Algebra drinking happily while my teacher ranted for half an hour about how stupid the class is and how he doesn’t understand how we could possibly do such a simple thing like a quadratic equation wrong, and not be able to explain/identify every number in the equation. He wasted so much class time on that that we had to hurry through the actual lesson for today. History was fine. We moved seats again, so I now sit in the very back right next to the student teacher. She’s cool, I like her. I’m pretty sure she makes the seating charts too, lol. Now we can talk in the back of class and I won’t get in trouble or disrupt the lesson because I’m not in the front anymore, lol.

The Italian test today was the hardest yet. It was unbelievable. I took copious notes, all of which I was allowed to use for the test, but NOTHING I took notes on was on the test. I was so mad. English was… well the five minutes I was there was stupid. I had a dentist appointment today so I was supposed to leave early, but my mom ended up coming to get me early so I only had time to give my teacher the work I forgot to turn in for the essay on Friday and leave, lol. The dentist was actually fun. There was a new girl there today who was energetic and excited to be there, so she and I had a nice conversation. She took x-rays of my teeth, and then my dentist came over and tried to tell me I might have a cavity. At first I thought he was kidding so I was like “oh no, I don’t have a cavity.” Then he said I really might, so I replied again “no, I know I don’t have a cavity.” He seemed unconvinced. He looked at my x-ray again and realized I didn’t have one. Yeah, no way are my teeth ever going to see a cavity, lol. It was just funny for him to think he knew my mouth better that I do, lol.

After the dentist we all came home for a quick snack and then my mom and I left my sister home so we could go coat shopping for me. We went to Nordstrom’s which was wayyy too expensive and didn’t have anything I wanted. I tried on one coat and was like, no we’re leaving. We then went to Macy’s and the first coat I tried on there was the one I wanted. It’s a long plaid grey thing, with a large collar and buttons down the middle. I really like it. Except that my hair cut doesn’t really work with the jacket, but that’s fixable. I’ve been seriously considering just taking a pair of scissors to my head because as my hair gets longer it does what I want less and less. We’ll see.

Well, it’s late, and I still haven’t even looked at my Italian homework, even though my mom thinks I’m finished, lol, so I should probably get busy. If the power doesn’t go out first that is.