Today came and went wayyyy too quickly. Dinner with my dad’s family was alright. My dad was supposed to get us at noon, but ended up being a half hour late, and didn’t call us to tell us anything until it was after noon, after my sister had already called him four times. We then went to Taco Time to grab lunch and harass my cousin (who is only older than me by 6 months, which I won’t let her soon forget!) and then stop by my dads girlfriends to eat fore mentioned lunch. On the way to her house a wreck happened right in front of us. We were at an intersection, stopped, as was the oncoming lane. A car was sitting across from us in her lane, waiting for the light. A car comes driving up like they’re going to go through the intersection, because their light is green, but before they even make it into the intersection the car across from us pulls out. Of course everything happened much faster than this, so the car had literally no time to stop and smashed into the drivers side of the car, spinning both vehicles through the intersection. People came out of no where to help. My dad didn’t feel like bothering with it all though, and so pulled through the intersection and kept driving to his girlfriends house. I was in disbelief. I felt like we should’ve gotten out and helped, seeing as we were right there to witness everything.

We got to his girlfriends house though, and ate, and then she gave my sister her present; some perfume and a sweat suit. Exactly what my sister told her to buy, lol. Then we went home and watched the third Harry Potter while my dad napped. It was kind of annoying to be honest. He woke up in time to leave for dinner about an hour later, and then we left. Dinner with the family was fine. Much too short if you ask me. I really didn’t get to talk to anyone. I had a long conversation with my youngest aunt about school (her daughter is the cousin who’s only 6 months older than me) but other than that I didn’t really get to talk to anyone. My grandparents didn’t talk to me much. They pretty much talked only to my oldest aunt and uncle. Although, at the end of dinner when we were all giving goodbye hugs my Papa slipped me a 20 as he shook my hand. Random but appreciated lol. I wasn’t able to tell anyone about my trip this summer, because there wasn’t really an opportunity.

I have no idea what we’re doing for thanksgiving, but by the sound of things no one’s going to be getting together. Which is a shame because I would enjoy visiting more. I think my sister and I might try and pursued my dad to hold thanksgiving at his house, since he’s got enough room for everyone downstairs. We’ll see how well that goes though, lol.

Now I need to be done because I still have to write a lengthy paragraph in Italian for the test tomorrow! I was supposed to only put notes on a 3×5 flashcard, but I knew I was going to run out of room and just started writing everything on a normal piece of paper. I’ll just tell her I forgot that she said it had to be on a notecard. And that we were only supposed to write down a few of the chapters verbs, not every single word we’ve learned this quarter. The paragraph is 20 points though, so I need to do that (even though that’s not allowed either) lol.