I woke up this morning feeling very tired and unrested. I’d heard my mom leave already so I was surprised to hear music coming faintly from the far end of the house. I expected to my sister to be gone also, since she was going to get her hair done today and (I thought she) should’ve left by then. I went down to ask her why she hadn’t left yet. Before I could ask though she said “look how many people have already told me happy birthday (she was looking at her laptop) to which I responded “it’s your birthday?” She wasn’t too happy about that lol, replying yes and several other choice words. “Oh, it’s the 14th already?” I continued, ignoring the remarks she’d made. My sister’s birthday is the 13th, lol. That certainly made my morning.

Later in the morning drama with J arose. My sister forgot to invite her formally apparently, which J teased her about, and acted as though she wanted to make my sister feel guilty. My sister took it seriously though, which pretty much put an end to J spending the day with us. It was all rather stupid, but whatever. I’m pretty sure my mom is done with J, and that from now on she’s never going to be more than a neighbor to her. My sister was really irritated also, but I’m pretty sure she’s still going to do house work for J to help pay for whatever it is she buys.

My sister left to do her hair, and I spent most of the day alone. I read a little bit, though not as much as I should’ve, and farmed. I also made myself lunch, but it was nothing spectacular. I’m now on page 413 of book 5 (Harry just won the first Quiditch game of the year, and the Syltherins were all singing ‘Weasely is our king…’).

My sister invited numerous people over for a party tonight, but only four people showed up. T, who’s been my sisters friend for a very long time now, as well as C who has also been a long time friend, C’s idiot of a boy friend J (he’s a foot ball player; big surprise), and a fairly recent addition to the group: S. The teens pretty much stayed to themselves until after dinner when they all wanted to play Spoons. I went downstairs to join them, though why I don’t know. It was fun for a little bit, but then C’s boyfriend started getting out of hand. We were playing with plastic spoons to protect our metal ones, and one of them broke. We decided to keep using it not thinking it was too bad just yet. However, in the scramble for a spoon C’s bf J managed to cut S with that spoon, and made her bleed. She jokingly tried to wipe the blood on him, which made him freak out, grab her arm and twist it, and then cut her on her arm. It was like ok seriously dude, you’re a psycho.

He was bossy and controlling throughout the entire evening, and needed to give instructions about everything. I became more and more annoyed with him as the night grew on, and as I became more agitated so did my tongue. I don’t remember what snide remarks or comments or anything else I said to him were, but eventually I had to stop due to a menacing look from my mom. Despite weighing much more than me, and probably more than capable of beating me up, J was unable to come up with any response to any of the things I said, and didn’t once try and cross me. If he had I probably would’ve kicked him out of the house without a second thought. I came seriously close to doing it several times anyway. At one point I got up and left the table for a bit, why I don’t remember, but I came back and he had moved my chair. He half heartedly tried to keep it from me, but I simply pointed at where my seat had been, looked at him quickly, and he put the seat back without a word. I was in no mood to be played with, especially not by him, and I don’t play those games anyway.

At one point, after everyone had nearly empty cups of water, he decided to hawk a disgusting amount of phlegm into his cup. It was absolutely repulsing. He did it again, and then took my sisters cup *pauses to gag* (sorry, it’s truly disgusting) and begins mixing the contents between the two. My sister about came unglued. She did eventually come over the table at him at one point, though for what I don’t remember. No one was too happy with him really. After he and C left (I had to go upstairs to keep myself from screaming at him) my sister began complaining loudly about him. I went back down stairs and added a bit more than two cents to the conversation. I asked if I was too mean, and mentioned that I really didn’t even remember what all I’d said to him, and T and my sister both said that they’d caught me “mean mugging” (a form of glaring) at him several times. Which I admitted to doing, lol. I looked at him several times because some of the things he said or did were just like WTF. Everyone felt what I had said was funny though. lol.

My sister was really upset with him because he was being so disrespectful, and apparently he disrespected my mom at one point. Hahahahaha, my mom handled that REAL quick. I just can’t believe that his girlfriend C didn’t do anything. I’ve said this multiple times tonight, but if he was my boyfriend, I would’ve check him about 20 times tonight. He was way out of control. He did try and say a few things to me when I made remarks about him, but I wouldn’t respond because I knew it wouldn’t’ve been pretty, and just looked at my cards with an expression on my face that shut him up pretty quickly. It was weird that I was able to have so much control over him. Football players aren’t usually intimidated by me, lol. Although, I don’t know that I’ve ever been mad at a football player like that before… hmmm…

Anyway, just thought I’d mention my sister is now 15. And surprisingly, she is more mature than the other people age.