I had a really sleepless night last night. I woke up every few hours, which was really annoying. And then when I woke up this morning, I left my house 50 minutes before the bus was supposed to come because I didn’t want to miss it and be late. I was completely out of sorts all morning, and felt like I was dreaming for most of the day. I couldn’t remember where I was going on the way to the bus stop, and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t walk any fast than a snails pace. At one point I couldn’t recognize where I was at all (even though all you have to do to get to the bus is follow one street and then cut through a parking lot, which I do VERY often) and had to pause for a moment to remember before I could go on. Waiting for the bus seemed to take forever, and I felt weird riding it. I got to school 2 hours before Italian, but used that time to work on my English essay, which I didn’t finish, or come to class prepared to turn in. I forgot my peer edits at home, and didn’t bother to copy/print out the pictures I used for my essay. And I couldn’t have cared less that it was damaging my score.

I got a ride home from my friend, and then spent the rest of the day home only reading until around 6:30 when my mom came home. We then went and got my sister, and then went out to Thai for dinner.

The reason I couldn’t sleep last night was because I watched the last half an hour of Paranormal Activity with my sister last night, and I got REALLY freaked out. The rest of the movie was stupid, but the part where the demon tried to take her to the attic and then when it possessed her seriously freaked me out. I spent the whole night hearing weird noises that don’t usually happen in my house, which was made worse by the fact that the pilot light in my fireplace went out so I couldn’t even have a fire going. I woke up like four times last night, each time for no reason. I’m completely exhausted. Stupid horror movies. Ghost/ demon/ alien themed horror movies freak me out more than anything. Even if they’re stupid and far fetched, if they’re written the right way they can cause me several nights of bad sleep. It’s ANNOYING!

Oh, and at dinner, I found out that my mother and sister were completely out of it this morning as well. They couldn’t remember how they got to certain places, or where they were going either. Which is a little weird don’t you think…?