Today seemed to fly by, and I didn’t manage to get anything done. Although, I did do a bit of sweeping and vaccumed around the edges of the house, but other than that… oh I guess I bathed the little ones today too. And I finished the 4th HP and am now 103 pages into the Order of the Phoenix. So maybe today wasn’t a complete waste? I didn’t touch my 3+ page essay that’s due tomorrow. I’m going to wake up early to do it I think. About an hour should get it done, right?

The only interesting thing that happened today was that woman (the one I thought was the previous owner but turned out not to be) came knocking on my door today. I thought she was just coming to tell me she’d be taking a few clippings of the roses and that would be that. Instead she asked me if she could have the sunflowers that we planted in the front yard. She had brought along a small backpack and a large three pronged thing that was about half the height of a shovel. She asked S the same thing not too long ago, but S told her no. I kindly told her no, she couldn’t have the sunflowers, because we were waiting for them to be done for the year so they would reseed. She started to explain to me that they wouldn’t go to seed in this climate, that it was too cold, as if she had just stopped my only excuse for not letting her have them.

All of the sunflowers have already gone to seed however, so I wasn’t about to let her have them, and why she wanted to have them in the first place I don’t know. She even said she’d bring me back some sunflower seeds, which didn’t make any sense, and I continued to tell her she couldn’t take them. She started arguing with me about it though, telling me they wouldn’t go to seed, at which point I said that we weren’t going to be getting rid of the sunflowers, and that they were to stay there until next spring. She wasn’t too happy about that, and walked away looking slightly frustrated. I closed the door, but watched her walk slowly down the street, stopping briefly to look at the flowers. She continued on her way, and walked through the church’s front parking lot. I don’t know why I expected her to come back, but I did, so I opened one of my blinds upstairs (I stayed downstairs to watch her walk away) and about five minutes later Kira barked to let me know she was back.

I was halfway down the stairs before she even knocked, and opened the door quickly. She had a handful of black sunflower seeds. She gave them to me, and said that I could grow these next year, to which I said, No thank you, we’ve got our own seeds we’re planning to use. I said that she should keep the seeds and grown them herself. She told me I should keep them and grow them, and that she wouldn’t even ask about the other sunflowers again. I’m assuming she did this to show me that nice people just give to give, and that I was wrong not to let her have the sunflowers. I don’t know where she got the sunflower seeds though, and I still don’t feel the least bit guilty. I took the seeds reluctantly anyway, thanked her, and she walked away smiling. Most random thing ever.

Oh and then my sister tried to get into J’s house because J told her she could borrow a bike that she left upstairs. Only, J’s alarm system is downstairs and J always leave’s from the downstairs, so I don’t know why my sister went in through the front door. She called me before she walked in to ask whether the alarm would be set. I told her I didn’t know, but it would beep if it was set. She went in through the upstairs front door (which I didn’t know) and freaked out because the alarm was on. I gave her instructions to turn it off, thinking she was downstairs, but she couldn’t find it. I asked where she was and she said upstairs, so I quickly gave her instructions to go downstairs, but changed all of the directions I had been saying before, which confused her. The alarm finally went off because she couldn’t find it, so I had to rush over to turn it off.

She freaked out the second it started blaring, sounding very much so like a frightened child, and you could easily here the panic in her voice as she shouted over the alarm (which was deafening). I disarmed the alarm in a matter of seconds. She then got mad at me because I gave her “bad directions”. I repeated everything I said, pointing out exactly where everything was, and how there was no way she could’ve missed the alarm given what I had told her. I laughed at her all the way home. And then once she finally got to look at the bike, she found that the tires were flat. Made my day.