Failed my math test without a doubt. I didn’t do any of this weeks homework, so I won’t be getting a curve. This could possibly be my lowest score of the year.

I managed to pull a page and a half out of my hat for my in class history essay. If I don’t get full points I will be very unhappy.

Italian, meh.

English was a complete waste of time. My teacher made us write a lengthy description about a picture, then made us write a paragraph using the details we came up with and following the prompt. Then we had to write another paragraph only with a different prompt. Stuuuuuppiiiiiddd. He never even went anywhere with the paragraphs. And we didn’t turn them in so I didn’t really have to do them. I did though, because I’m a good little college student. My teacher eventually ran out of things to make us do and let us out half an hour early. Good news is I got home early.

I’m on page 605 of Harry Potter 4. Chapter 21: The Third Task. I will be finishing it tomorrow for sure. And then on to book five! Ahhh!! It’s bittersweet to be rereading these again. On the one hand I get to fall in love with the characters from the beginning again. On the other, I’ve got to sit and watch them make mistakes I already know about and try not to shout at my book to tell them not to do something stupid. Or wait while they walk stupidly into the trap that would be so obvious if they only knew the tidbit of information I did. Not fair! Im almost scarred to get to the 7th book again. It’ll be an end to the stories all over again. I don’t know if I can handle it.

And now I’m going to bed because my eyes are tired from reading all day. Any free moment I had was spent with my nose in the book. I’ve been reading on the bus for days now.