I spent most of the day reading. Any and all free time was spent flying through the pages of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m now on page 211. Not as far as I’d hoped, but there it is. It’s gotten to the point where my thinking has started to switch over to the dialect of Harry Potter. I find myself thinking things in a way that would fit in the book perfectly, and a quarter of my day was spent writing/reading my own life in my head. He got up to walk down the hall, moving quickly past the group of second years girls. Willow quickly pushed through the doors and headed down the stairs, two at a time, bursting through to the parking lot out the doors below. Even picking up the beans I spilt earlier… I just realized what I said, lol. I spilled some of the beans I got from my grandpa last year, which I didn’t plant incase of a bad harvest this year. Anyway, picking up those spilt beans suddenly became the next page of a life that has always been boring. I dread what happens once I finish the series, but I don’t dare read slower.

I forgot to post a few things yesterday, surprise surprise. I cleaned out the sugar and white pumpkins we didn’t carve for Halloween. I also cleaned out all the tiny squashes we bought, and all of the seeds are now drying peacefully on the ledge where my TV sits. We also husked the ornamental corn that we grew ourselves. Isn’t it pretty?

The kernels are all a deep maroon color. This was the only completely pollinated cob, but we did manage to scrape a few kernels off of the other two cobs that grew. I also picked a handful of sunflower seeds out of an enormous sunflower we were allowed to take home from the volunteer work. Unfortunately the sunflower was left downstairs too long, so most of the seeds had mold covering them. I salvaged what I could.

Today was long and dull and without Harry Potter I wouldn’t’ve made it. When I got home though, F offered to fix my fireplace because I said that I was chilly inside, even with the fire downstairs going. He came over and had it going in seconds. *rolls eyes* he did everything he told me to do (which I did) but I couldn’t get it to stay lit. It’s still going right now though. Take a look.

*everyone mutters, a mocking look on your faces* yeah willow, that’s a real fire alright…

It’s really nice because my room now has the faint flickering of a fire dancing on the walls, and is nice and toasty warm. Leaving the fire on downstairs all night wasn’t keeping my room warm enough. Now there are two fires!

*everyone mutters again* yeah willow, you’ve really got a great fire in your room there…

Anyway, after F left (I went over to grab some potatoes that they weren’t going to use [he was sold 100 pounds of the wrong kind of potatoes] and then) I read some more. Now I’m going to bed because it’s tired and I’m late. Strike that. Reverse it.