Today was much more peaceful than yesterday. I spent the entire day lounging around the house reading the third Harry Potter book. I finished it and am now ready to start the fourth. I finished my Italian homework for tonight and tomorrow, but didn’t do any prepping for Monday’s in-class essay, and didn’t even think about math or the four page English essay. *sigh* if only my parents had tried to make me a better student. And had provided me with the genes to have a better functioning brain.

I’d forgotten how much STUFF happens in the harry potter books. They leave out SOOO much in the movies, and make the characters seem a lot less important than they are. Hermione was a big part of the third book, but in the movie they changed the story completely so she was in parts that didn’t happen but not in parts that were important. *rolls eyes* makes no sense to me. I’m really excited to start the fourth book. I think it might be the longest one. 734 pages. I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that this week, lol. And listening to it, while still fun, just isn’t the same. I love the voice of the man who read the harry potter books though. My family did a road trip… at least 8 years ago, and we listened to the Harry Potter books on cassettes while were driving for a lot of the time. I would probably listen through some of the fourth book (seeing as I have so much time on the bus) I if I owned a cassette player still. The only book we have on CD is the last one.

Let’s see… things to say, things to say… hmmm… well, I got nothing. Harry Potter consumed my day, and that’s about it, lol.