My eye was REALLY hurting this morning when I was brushing my teeth. It didn’t hurt again until just a few seconds ago when I yawned. I looked in the mirror when I was brushing this morning though, and my eye actually got larger whenever it hurt. All of the veins would expand and my eye would become really red, while the other one was completely unchanged. I don’t know what’s going on with it, but I hope it stops soon.

I went to work at my aunts today, and didn’t really get all that much done. I started stacking wood, but got distracted by the untidiness of the pile of wood that I was taking out of the shed, so I had to organize that. Which really wasn’t an important task, and something I didn’t finish, but it was something.

After about three hours over there my mom came and got me and took me home. I spent the rest of the day reading Harry Potter. I LOVE these books. I’m almost half way done with this one. Lol, I might even make it to the seventh before the movie comes out.

Other than that my day was uneventful. John came over and made us dinner but that was about it.