Today was awful. I failed the math test, without a doubt. I’ll be lucky if I get even 15 of the 100 points the test is worth. Lol.

On the way to college I did something really awkward and embarrassing. A woman and her son sat down next to me on the bus (I needed to scoot over to make room, and she said excuse me, so it wasn’t like I didn’t know she was there). I was SERIOUSLY spacing out (thinking about what I want to do with my life [I’ve decided I want a horse]). She turned to me and said “good morning, how are you?” This startled me from my fantasy SO much that my face actually turned into a look of horror, and I looked at her with stricken eyes, mouth agape. She flinched away with a look of surprise on her face, while I managed to fix my face into my most charming smile and say “good, how’s yours” in a voice layered with sweetness. She said good quickly and ignored me for the rest of the trip. I was SOOO embarrassed. Thankfully she didn’t get off at my stop and I was able to get away from her. Awkward…

Italian went by quickly. Don’t know what we talked about.

I didn’t finish my English essay, but I managed to pull a page an a half and a picture out of my hat in the 45 minutes before class. I was missing an intro, quotes from the book, and a conclusion. And a sense of direction for the essay lol. Today’s class was spent doing peer revisions. We had a hand out that we were supposed to use as a guideline while we were reading, and then answer a set of questions about the essay we had just read. We were put into groups of three and then had to revise each others essays. The entire class was done within 45 minutes, but we were supposed to print out two copies of our essay, one for revisions and the other to turn in. Neither my friend nor I printed a second copy. So we took our break (since he didn’t give us an official one today) early and went to the library (halfway across campus) to print out another copy for my friend. I ate my lunch while we were walking lol. It took us 15 minutes to walk there and back, and by the time we got back the entire class was still talking amongst themselves; we weren’t supposed to be doing any assignment. Finally I got bored and decided to play mancala on my ipod.

Eventually someone got bored enough to ask if we were going to actually do anything in the class; which surprised my teacher annoyingly enough. So he decides that he’s going to be productive and hand out old assignments. He see’s my ipod and tells me to put it away. I could either “put it away or leave”; I wasn’t supposed to be texting in his class. I seriously had to shut my mouth to keep from going off on him. Really? You’re going to tell me to put away my ipod because I’ve got so much free time in class that I actually have time to play on it? I don’t think he should even have the authority to tell me to put it away after wasting an entire room full of people’s time. When you can skip out on 15 minutes of class in the middle of the period, and not miss ANYTHING, there’s something wrong. I just said OK politely and put it away. It’s a good thing I’m able to appear so innocent. He tried to act all tough and bring up the fact that I left class early the other day (when was that exactly? Lol). Which was even more annoying because I’m able to skip half the period and not miss a single assignment or useful bit of information. I seriously feel like going to complain to someone (at the college) about it. The fact that I’m paying for this class makes it completely unacceptable to have a teacher waste my time and then get mad at me because I was trying to keep myself occupied. UGH.

Oh and I almost forgot. H gave me a ride to school this morning because it was a late start. We were supposed to get coffee’s before school, but she managed to snap off her side mirror while backing out of her garage, so she was running late because she was trying to duct tape it back on. Then she got stuck behind a school bus after she’d left. Finally we got to school and her boy friend came outside with some more duct tape to make the mirror secure. Except I ended up helping more than he did so… yeah lol.

Edit: I’ve been yawning so hard that my left eye is hurting me. Every time I yawn it feels like a vein in my eyeball is going to explode. NOT good.