Last night I had a feeling I was going to be too tired to go to school. So when I woke up, I pretty much got out of bed to ask my mom if I could stay home. She let me, and I went back to sleep for another several hours. Despite having almost 11 hours of sleep, I could’ve easily taken a nap later in the day. WHY AM I SO TIRED! Ugggggghhhhh. It’s freaking annoying. And it’s making me really short tempered.

All I did today was play Farmville and read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’ve got less than 100 pages to go. yay!

I “finished” my history project, but it’s SUUUPER late, as is my log book, so we’ll see what my points look like after I turn them in. I feel like I should get extra days since I was gone when it was assigned and the day it was due. Not having a car is really getting on my nerves!