I managed to get in a decent nap today. I managed to actually have a dream, which rarely happens. I just find it annoying how I can go from a deep sleep to awake. I usually wake up gradually, but I’ve been waking up from deep sleeps more and more. I’m aware that I’m leaving my deep sleep/dream, and try to resist it, but I always end up waking up. It’s really annoying when it’s the middle of the night and I have no reason to be up at all.

Classes: Math was boring. We got new seats, which is really annoying. The only thing keeping my grade up was my friend/the girl I used to sit next to. Granted, I only moved up one seat, but it’s still annoying. And my shoulder partner is now the person who kicks the ball in football. Which is always fun. I asked if I could move back to my original seat, but was told no because my teacher made is so that the rows go boy girl boy girl. Which doesn’t make any sense or seem to have any relevance to anything that has to do with anything. UGHHH. History was boring, but my student teacher is nice. She finally watched glee, but we hardly ever have enough time to have a decent conversation. I finally just gave up on the project, and will be turning it in tomorrow, despite the fact that it’s less than half complete and doesn’t look pretty at all. Italian was fun. Full of laughs.

The bus ride to college was interesting. A guy, D, goes to my stop now. He sat down next to me while we were waiting for the bus (I missed my usual bus) and started talking to me. His car’s motor stopped working, so he has to take the bus now. He lives in the neighborhood behind the bus stop (which is a really general area lol). He asked where I live, so I told him “over there” and pointed in the very general direction of my house. He’s taking classes at BC, so we get of at the same stops. He likes to travel, and takes his nieces and nephews to the science exhibits at the Seattle Science Center. Lol, it was all super random, and he was one of the last people I would ever think of talking to. It’s always funny to me who ends up talking to me. What posses them to start a conversation with me? Do I seem like the type of person they would get along with? I dunno.

Anyway, I’m super tired, despite my hour nap. I’m going to bed now.