Sorry I didn’t post last night. But here’s why I didn’t.

I went out to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. R came and got me around 9:30, and we drove over to Meydenbuer theater. The movie didn’t start until 11 but we didn’t end up getting there until like half an hour before it started. My mom managed to throw my sister’s black and white boa around my neck as we were walking out the door, so I wore that all night. The movie was lots of fun. The theater provided toast and rice.


People brought in bags of props for themselves though. Newspapers, squirt guns, party hats, confetti, decks of cards, toilet paper. The theater was a mess at the end of the movie, lol. And of course everyone is shouting at the screen the entire time. If you hadn’t seen the movie before, you’d have no idea what the movie was about because you couldn’t hear most of the movie. My favorite line was when Riff Raff invites them into the castle. He says “you should come inside” and some guy shouted “I CAN’T CUM THAT FAR”. The entire theater was hysterical. What the audience is supposed to say is scripted; you just have to know what to say. The more times you’ve seen it, the more you know. I only knew a few things.

After the movie I was craving a coffee so R drove me over to the U district and we went to the Starbucks that open 90% of the time. It only closes for an hour or so sometime around 3 am. I got my usual Carmel Mocha Frappuccino. It was the best one I’ve ever had. I texted J to tell her how “orgasmic” it was. It was amazing.

I didn’t get home until 2:30am, and immediately crawled into bed. I only slept for 8 hours though, which was really annoying. Last night was a lot of fun though. I’ll definately be doing that again. lol.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I did four hours of community service from 9am to 1pm at my neighbors work place. It was lots of fun. At the very end of it one of my neighbor’s friends came over to talk to J. In the middle of their conversation she stops in mid sentence and looks at me. “Well isn’t that just the cutest dang thing you ever saw. I want to take him home.” And she wasn’t saying it in the aww he’s sooo cuuute little kid kind of way. She was really funny. I was a little shocked to hear that from her, first of all because that’s not something I hear very often (never) and second of all because she was at least 70 and has one of the worst smoker voices I’ve ever heard. She was great though, and she told me to call her so she could help pay for my trip this summer.