The math test was alright today. The last (and hardest) problem was something we only went over YESTERDAY. I totally messed it up for sure.

Italian was alright. Definitely funny. Enlgish was horrendously slow. So we (me, a friend in the class, and a friend of my friend) all decided to skip out on the last half. I asked the teacher if he was going to give a test, which he didn’t give a real response to (so I’m pretty sure he gave a test) but handed me the homework and let me leave. I didn’t even give an excuse. I just said I had to go. Then, since we had nothing better to do, we all drove (my friend [who’s 17 but has no license or even permit] drove me, and the other girl drove herself) over to the other girls friends house. Which was really weird because the other friends friend was home sick with some form of the plague (the flu) so I don’t know why we were over there. My friend and I left within 15 minutes of being there. When board games and COLORING were offered as forms of entertainment, we knew we needed to leave. She didn’t have much gas though, so we stopped for gas, and then she took me home. I was home about the same time as I would’ve been, but I got out of over an hour of mind numbing English. I think if I had a car, I would end up doing that more often, lol.

I finally broke down and got myself a myspace account. I won’t be posting it on here though, because I only got it for Farmville. My neighbor J has been playing it for over a year, so I figured it must be fun. I’m already a level seven, but can’t expand my farm any further because I don’t have enough friends. Which is really annoying.

Tomorrow I’m going to do four hours of community service. Yay! I’m not really looking forward to it. Especially since I’ve got to wake up earlier than I do for school to go. ugh! AND my sister is bringing two of her friends (didn’t I mention that this is a family event, as in my mother and sister are coming too?) so I’m going to be suicidal/homicidal within a few hours of starting.

Alright, well I need to get my rest for tomorrow. Wish me luck!