We learned how to say slow in the brain today in Italian, but I forgot. It’s something along the lines of “Io tarde” but there’s something else to it that I can’t remember. Anyway, my internet has been stupid all night, and is making blogging and doing homework difficult.

My addiction to Rocky Horror songs has reached its climax. I can’t stop listening to Time Warp, or Dammit Janet. I was singing them in first period today. And yes, I do know 90% of the dance moves to Time Warp. “its just a jump to the left. And then a step to the riIiIiIiIight.”

I managed to nap for several hours today when I got home. And then I was woken up by my sister and her friends, WHO ATE MY ICECREAM. *seethes for a moment* one of the friends invited her BF over, and he decided that he and my sister should wrestle (at this point my mother was home as well). My mom kept telling them not to break anything and to watch out for the glass stuff, so they eventually decided to go in the front yard. So they wrestled for an hour in the front. S’s son S called to check on things and make sure that there wasn’t a brawl occurring on our front lawn. *shakes head* only my sister. Here’s a picture I took of them on the wet muddy ground.


My sister is the one on the top, and the football player is the one whose being flattened. My sister got tired, so the football player went after my sister’s gay friend (the one to the right in a stripped jacket). Then my sister’s two friends (the gay one and the girl) needed to wrestle. So everyone ended up on the wet muddy ground. The house smelled of hot, wet, muddy teenagers for over an hour. I’m still gagging. I like the smell of wet dirty. And rain. But not of teenagers. No thanks. Blech. Ok, new subject before I hurl.

Here. Let’s take a look at something else that’s smelly. Only this smells MUCH better.

The bloom opened three or four days ago, I just kept forgetting to take a picture. It smells lemony, but also sour. And yes, even lemon can have an sour smell. The petals (which look like leaves) are tinted pink. The important parts of the flower (the pollen and stigma) are in a chamber in the middle of the petals that has several openings. Clearly designed specifically for a small insect.

I’ve got to go to bed now because I’m exhausted and haven’t finished my homework still. I’ve got a full page response to an essay due tomorrow that I haven’t really started yet. And I’ve only read half of the essay. Lol.