I’m FREAKING tired! Ugh it’s so annoying. You’d think I’d be in bed already because with all the extra time I had today I’d’ve gotten things done. Well instead I spent most of the day doing little things that really didn’t matter and didn’t start on homework until 3ish. I had to watch Rocky Horror because Glee managed to get several songs stuck in my head. At the moment I’ve got Hot Patuty, Sweet transvestite, and Time Warp stuck in my head. I almost know all the dance moves to it too, lol.

Dinner with my aunt and grandpa was neat. I was my usual quiet self, but it was nice to be out with family.

Buttercups addiction to chewing things she shouldn’t continued today. She shredded a notebook (a unimportant thing) of my moms, as well as my moms sheets on her bed. I didn’t lock her up when I went out to lunch because I wasn’t going to be gone for more than an hour.

Anyway, I’ve got to go because I’m sleep blogging at the moment, but need to complete my Italian homework before class tomorrow somehow. This sucks!

PS: See other blog for info about the infestation my bees are suffering through.