Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was wayyyy too tired. All of this homework is killing me. I’ve got two essays due Friday, and all of my math homework as well. On top of that I’ve got to find time to blog and work at my aunts. Oh and sleep. I’m so busy that taking naps isn’t possible anymore. I managed to fall asleep today, but only napped for 45 minutes and then woke up thinking about everything I have to do. It’s ridiculous. And all of my Italian homework… god, that class is going to be the death of me. I’m horrible with languages. I couldn’t learn English over again if I had to. Anyway, when I went to sleep last night Kira was trying to snuggle in and make herself a little nest. She scratches at the blankets to scrunch them together into a little mound she can nestle into. Of course, the 9 pound dog isn’t going to move a comforter that I have trouble dragging across the bed sometimes. So I pulled up the comforter for her, and made her a little nest before snuggling myself in. In response she came up and nosed the blankets up around me, as if she were tucking me in. It was SOOOO cute! She then went and snuggled into the nest I made her.

The only thing of note today was the cold and the rain. It was cold. All day. And it was rainy all day. I missed the early bus by thirty seconds, so I had to sit and wait half an hour for the next bus. At the transfer spot though one of my friends in English showed up and gave me a ride. It was awesome. She almost got rear ended because she pulled out of the gas station really horribly, but she was in a truck so it was ok, lol. We talked for like five minutes and then we were at the college and she dropped me off before she went to Tullies. Italian was alright. I didn’t do the homework, because I was too tired to check online, so that was good. Luckily there are no college classes tomorrow, so I can (theoretically) catch up on everything.

I picked up the second Harry Potter book tonight. We saw a commercial for the seventh movie and couldn’t remember Ron’s second oldest brother’s (Charlie) name. When you can’t remember a character’s name from one of your favorite stories, you know it’s time to reread them. I haven’t read these books since 6th grade. Over five years ago, since I read them during the summer before school. I’m already 60 pages in lol. I forgot how much I loved the world of Harry Potter. And how poorly the movies portrayed the books.

Hopefully I’ll get through them quickly. The seventh movie comes out on the 19th. I don’t care if I have college finals that day; I’m not going to school. My mom is going to schedule the time off, lol.

Glee was awesome tonight. The man tower that play’s Sam is gorgeous. *several minutes later* Unfortunately none of my fellow fans have posted pictures of him wearing only a pair of gold underwear, so you’re going to have to wait to see what I’m talking about. If you didn’t see tonight’s episode that is.