I didn’t go to my aunts today. I needed to stay home and work on the essay. It took me all day but I finally got to 4 pages. I don’t think I’m finished, or that I hit all the points I was supposed to, but it was such a loose paper that I really had no idea where to start. And the fact that it was an essay about me made it even more difficult. I just felt like anytime I spent too long on something or tried to give an example, I was telling stories about my life and not actually writing an essay. I hope he goes easy on me lol.

It’s completely official. I’m definitely going on the student ambassador program. C called tonight to let me know that she got my letters of recommendation and that she was going to put me in the data base as approved. I had to act happy and excited because I’ve felt like I was going since she called last week. I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore to be honest, lol. I think after I visit these three I’d like to see Spain. River is from Spain you know… lol. Spain and Australia. And I’d love to see parts of South America, but I’d be really worried about catching diseases or getting a fly larvae lain in my skin or being bitten by a bug the size of my head. Greece is relatively free of those types of things as far as I know.

The weather has been absolute crap all day. It rained so hard last night it actually woke me up. It rained on and off all day, with the greater percentage of time being rain. There was a break in the clouds at one point, and a single bee crawled out to check things out, only to decide against it and return inside before the rains returned. If it had been above 60 (I don’t think it ever got above 56) the bees would’ve been killed by the rain. Most of the droplets were about the same size as the honeybees themselves. If not larger. The one’s last night were practically a cupful. The rain woke me up around 5:30 so I opened my blinds to see the rain coming down in massive sheets and slamming into the side of the house. It woke my mom up to, apparently. I was worried my skylights were going to start leaking.

In other news, my mom finally got me the meditation disc I had wanted to listen to. I’ll have to listen to it on Tuesday. Happy note: I don’t have to go to college on Wednesday. I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but basically it’s a teacher workshop day and the entire college will be empty on Wednesday. I’m definitely not complaining. I wonder if I can convince my mom to let me out of high school as well…