Where have I been the last 20 days? I didn’t even notice that I got 1,963 views last month. And I already have 1,803 this month. I completely missed the 13, 14 and 15 thousand view marks. I’m already at 15,928. Hopefully I don’t miss the 16,000 by too much. I should reach it within a few days with any luck.

Side Note: My pitcher plant’s bloom is starting to open! I can’t tell what color it is exactly just yet, but I think it’s pink. I’m so excited to have it blooming! That’s the one thing I never expected to bloom in a million years. Once I figured out how to water the orchids best, they were easy. The Peace lilies were never a challenge. Nor were the Christmas cacti or the angel wing begonia. The pitcher plant and the bromeliad are my biggest challenges, and now all that remains is the bromeliad. I’d love if that bloomed again. It’s got a really pretty flower. I’m surprised it’s still alive to be quite honest. I’ve neglected it since the move. Minimal to no water, and it sits above a window right now, so all of the light it’s getting is coming from underneath it. I guess I do have a list of things I still need to get to bloom. They are: the bromeliad, the aloe’s (all four different species), and several different vines the names of which I still don’t know. And of course getting my great grandmothers cactus to bloom would be fantastic.

I really don’t understand why I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve been sleeping really hard at night. My mom will come to wake me up in the morning and I usually know as soon as she steps on the first step that she’s coming to wake me up. But the past few mornings despite being awake and aware that she is coming to get me out of bed, I continue dreaming because I’m so asleep. It’s really weird. I can’t remember any of my dreams though. It’s even more annoying because I’ve been going to bed earlier that normal too. I used to be able to stay up until 1 am for weeks on end, but now I can’t make it past 12.

R has officially set a movie date. We’re going to go see rocky Horror Picture Show in theaters on the 30th at 11pm. I’m going to be up until god knows what time. My old bones can’t keep up with those youngins anymore.

School is starting to overwhelm me. I’m failing Italian and can’t keep up with the homework. The only thing saving me in math is the curve score. History has been relatively easy so far, but we’ve got a big project we’re starting tomorrow. I’ve got a 6 page essay due Monday for English that I haven’t started yet and still have no clue how to start at all. I have no free time at all really. I spend about the same amount of time riding the bus as I do in class. Which is really annoying. As much as I find driving annoying and as beneficial to the environment as commuting on the bus is, it’s REALLY annoying how much time I waste every day by taking the bus. I have to power walk to the bus stop and then it takes me an hour to get to the college. Then I wait an hour and a half before class which gives me time to eat and do some of the homework, but could be spent at home, and then have an hour bus ride everyday after class. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to the college so not only am I wasting 40 minutes just on the road, but there’s all the in between time as well.

Random: The flower that is now my icon fell over today. When I was pulling weeds when the sunflower was still a few inches tall I bumped it and that tilted it slightly. So it’s been growing with a large bend at its base for a while. I leaned it up against one of the larger one’s so hopefully it’ll make it to seedI