Today was good. I told my math and English teacher that I was accepted last night and both were happy for me. My math teacher said “of course. Of course you did. You are perfect for it.” My English teacher was surprised to hear from me so soon. She was excited for sure.

I was worried I was going to miss the first bus, but on the way to the stop a large bird flew over head, and I seemed to walk twice as fast as normal because I was at a place in the sidewalk within five minutes, when it usually takes me seven to get there. The bus was at the intersection when I got there, but the light was perfect and I managed to cross and get to the bus stop just in time for the bus to pull up after the lights rotated. Italian was… Italian. I didn’t do the homework last night because I have been getting more and more tired and can’t seem to catch up on my rest. And the pages were taking too long to load. So I told my teacher that the site was down. I’m even more tired tonight. I randomly got a hardcore craving for a star bucks and a bagel with cream cheese before Italian, so I made R hang out with me until English started and enjoyed a Chai latte and a bagel with cream cheese.

English was super intense. We watched an hour long film about how cartoons and caricatures negatively impacted African Americans in the early 20th century. It was awful to watch, and completely ruined my good mood for the day.

I went and talked to the church across the street from my house today about using their space to have the Student Ambassador meetings. The receptionist wasn’t in, but my aunts friend was there and I got to talk with her, so hopefully that gets me a few points with the church. It definitely got me points with my interviewer, C, (should I call her Den Mother or something, since she’s going to basically be the mom on the trip?). I called her around 7 to let her know that I went and talked with the church about the meeting place but that I couldn’t talk with anyone who could really tell me anything. She said that another mom found a possible place, and that if the mom’s place fell through then we could look into my plan. She was really glad that I had taken the initiative to go and try and get things done. Which was funny to me because it’s like, I could pack my bags and leave tomorrow without much trouble, so the sooner we can be prepared to leave the better. And I’ve already done the whole traveling with a group overseas thing, so it’s not a daunting experience this time around.

I told my dad about what all I was doing, and he was “really proud”. He said he wanted to help in anyway he could, so I don’t know what’s going to happen there. I feel like just saying, if you take care of the car issue, and pay for the gas, then that would save a huge chunk of change over on our end, and I could get a job. Think he’ll go for it?