Despite being exhausted, today was rather good. I was almost late to school, but managed to get there early enough to run to one of my teachers and get the recommendation form. I really miss her class; I had her last year for Geometry. She put down excellent for all of the personality traits, and wrote a lovely little paragraph about me on the back. It made me say “awww”, lol. Actaully, let me run down stairs and grab it before my mom takes it… BRB. *a minute later* ok so here’s the check list. Leadership, Teamwork, Listening skills, Articulation (ability to communicate ideas clearly), Initiative (as shown through past activities), Maturity and recognition of personal responsibilities, Personal Presence (personality, energy), Awareness of and enthusiasm for the program, Attitude and flexibility. The “grading” boxes were excellent, good, fair, and needs improvement. Both my English teacher and my Geometry teacher from last year put excellent for everything. My Bio teacher put Good on Leadership, Teamwork, and Initiative. But if you remember last year, that class was too easy and I spent most of my time talking with friends and eating lol.

My English teacher said “Willow was in my World Literature class last year. In addition to being a strong student, he is an outgoing and genuinely nice person. In a particularly quiet class, Willow was one student I could count on for taking part in class discussions and Socratic Seminars. I think Willow’s natural curiosity and good temperament make him a great candidate for the People to People Ambassador Program.” Socratic seminars are basically a class debate/discussion. They were really boring. And I hardly ever read the books lol.

My geometry teacher said “Willow is warm, intelligent, thoughtful, caring and has a great sense of humor. He is also very mature. I have never once seen him exercise poor judgment. I am 100% confident that he will be an asset to your program”. Awwww. Lol, she never caught me copying the Spanish homework or heard me bad mouthing my Spanish teacher. Or caught me texting in class. But I really miss her, she was one of my favorite teachers. And she listens to some of the same music I do. I walked in her room the other day and Norah Jones was playing over the speakers.

College was whatever. The bus home was half an hour late, which sucked. I came home and chatted with S for a while. I took a few pictures of some sun flowers.

And I think I’ll be changing my gravatar to this one.

My sister and I got in an argument when she get home. It was mostly about how we have preconceived notions about each other and neither of us is right. And we’re both mad at the other’s idea of ourselves. I don’t think my sister understood that a lot of what she was saying about how I didn’t understand her or know her could easily be turned around on herself. I don’t even remember how the argument started. But basically she said I was a boring person who had no friends and no life. I told her that her whole life revolved around stupid drama and people who only cared about drama. I’m never in drama because I know who my friends are, and they know me, and we don’t get into arguments or big fights on face book. It was a pointless argument really. But it did teach me that we share a lot of the same ideas about one another.

On a MUCH happier note: C called me at 8:31 to tell me that I had been accepted for the People to People Ambassador program! She was going to officially say that I was pending review, because I hadn’t gotten my recommendations in yet (I told her they were sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be mailed) because she wanted to make sure that I was as good a person as she thought I was. And judging by my recommendations, I’d say I’m definitely a good person. I said I was really excited and that all I had to do now was come up with the $7000 to pay for the trip. But that wasn’t a big thing lol. She replied with, that kind of is a big thing, but laughed. I accidentally hung up on her when I reached for my phone, because I hit my touch screen wrong, so I called her back immediately. I’m so excited! I hope you guys will forgive me in advance for not posting during the trip. I’m going to try and write out as many posts as I can in some form or another, but no promises.