I’m so sorry I left you guys hanging yesterday. I had time before I went to my aunts to write a quick post, but after I came back home I had to get straight to work. I didn’t finish anything, despite having worked for HOURS on this damn paper, which should be so easy and be done in no time. But is instead making me feel like I’ve been dragging my head against cement for three days. I went to bed having finished nothing, and didn’t even sign onto reply to comments. I didn’t think about it until I was already comfy in bed, and at that point it was too late. I tried to do my Italian stuff before class today, but every computer was full. I failed the test without a doubt. I couldn’t remember anything. It was ridiculous. Luckily after class the computers weren’t so occupied, and I was able to get a seat. It took me 50 minutes to write half a page describing a photo I was in. I don’t know why, but it was really annoying. I finished though, and got full credit for it. And I passed a quiz we had. English has always been my best subject. It’s so easy.

And it helps when your teacher is lazy and wants to make things as easy on himself as possible. I do have a 6 page paper due Friday for that class though, which is really annoying.

I didn’t have a ride or anything after school today so I had to take the buss. I didn’t get home until after 5. I did get to chat with a girl from English though on the ride home, so that wasn’t horrible. I was pretty much fried by the time I got home, and barely had the energy to play a mind numbing video game. I know, I should’ve been working on my History paper (which I think I forgot to mention I managed to get an extension on because I was gone Thursday and Friday). But I really didn’t have a brain to write with.

My house has been freezing since I got home. I went to school in a long sleeve shirt, and a jacket, but was cold most of the day. When I got home my house was at 66. I turned on the fire, and cranked the thermostat up to 72. I didn’t realize that the furnace was still running two hours later. The back rooms are the hardest to heat. I’m only just now getting warm, and I’ve had my jacket on the whole time. I even put some slippers on to keep my feet toasty. This winter’s going to be fun. Let’s just hope the power doesn’t go out!

Again, sorry for not commenting.