PSAT’s: failed probably.

Movie with H: decided homework was more important and didn’t go.

Homework: wasn’t started until 7 because I’ve been unable to think of anything other that writing this damn story.

Aunts House: went over at around 2:20. Got very little done. She dropped me off at home at 5 because I needed to get started on my homework.

What is my homework?: A three page report comparing and contrasting the political parties. Along with a hand written outline reflecting appropriate planning. A paper about a family picture for English 101. Haven’t even looked for a picture yet. I also have a test in Italian on the first three chapters we’ve learned. All on Monday.

Tomorrow: Interview at 10 (omg I just realized it was at 10! I’ve been thinking it was at 12!) for the Greece thing. After that I’m working at my aunts all day. Even though I haven’t even started my homework.

I’m too tired to actually make this a post. Or reply to comments. Sorry.