I’m too tired to post today. I’m just going to list basic events and hope you’ll find that as an acceptable post. Side note: word of the month? Un/Acceptable. I’ve used it more in the past few weeks than I have in my whole life. Idk why.

I actually managed to do a math problem correctly today. And understand it. Hazza!

History…. I don’t even know.

Bus ride? Uneventful.

Italian? Almost might’ve learned half a word today. But I managed to get all my homework done on time.

English 101? Biggest waste of 2 hours ever. We sit and do nothing. Literally NOTHING. My teacher talks and talks about things he’s talked about for the last two days. To be honest though, I’m going to pass this class without any problems. I did manage to almost fall asleep today though. My head was literally bobbing because I couldn’t stay awake. And I didn’t get a nap today, so I’m extra tired. Do you think I’ll be able to fall asleep if I lay down right now? No.

Home? I managed to beat Mario Kart. And then did another level and beat it again. I dunno. But I managed to get several new items and a new player. So that’s exciting.

F and S are looking at houses online. Needless to say, no one at my house is happy about this.