I got my Italian test back today. I got an F. I actually thought I knew the material pretty well too lol. English was just as bad. I didn’t finish my essay last night, so I wrote it up during the hour in between classes. I finished, but managed to be a minute late to class. And I forgot to print off my take home quiz. Class was boring, and mostly a waste of time. We learned almost nothing new, but watched a half hour film called Eyeball Eddie. The guy who plays Lex in Smallvile was one of the main characters. Basically Eddie wanted to be all masculine and junk, but since one of his eyes was glass, he couldn’t do sports that involved a lot of running or catching. Thus, wrestling was his choice. During a match his eye flew out and he was able to finally win (he had never won before this)…. Ok I’m bored describing this now. I stopped watching about ten minutes in and just shinned my ring and texted instead. My teacher was nice enough to let me turn in my test late (he let me email it to him) so that was awesome.

My college buddy, aka R, aka Cheeseless, was kind enough to stay after her classes for two hours so I would have a ride home. We talked for about half an hour after English got out before we finally left. It was fun. I was pretty much brain-dead by the time we got home though. My brain seems to be functioning less and less. I’m confused in 3 of my 4 classes, and have no idea where to even start to ask questions. The only class I seem to be doing alright in is History, but that’s because all that’s in the grade book is participation points (which we get by taking notes). I’m passing Math because of how my teacher grades, but if it weren’t for the curve on the tests, I’d have lower than 50%. I can’t remember things for long periods of time anymore, and simple things like whether someone watches a certain show are impossible to remember. My mind will occasionally stop functioning all together, and I’ll have a minute or two of either painful (I will get a minor headache) or complete mind-numbed bliss where I couldn’t tell you my own name let alone get my mouth to function.

Once I was home I spent an hour playing Mario Kart with my sister, and then had dinner alone (my family went to a JV football game) and then started on my homework around 7:30. In an hour and a half I was able to write four sentences in Italian. I wasn’t able to do any Math because neither my mom’s nor my computer would open the word document my teacher saves the week’s agenda in. At least he didn’t call on me so much today. He called on more people today than he has all year actually.

That’s all I got. Although I might have a picture of Kira from last night. She was too cute to not take a picture!

Oh and also, here’s a picture of the piano. We stained it again two days ago. It’s been a few years since we last stained it, so the wood absorbed most of the stain pretty quickly. The color change was immediately noticeable, and now the piano is back to it’s usually deep brown color I’ve always remembered it as.