Tonight was homecoming. Woohoo. Can you tell I was excited to go? I spent the evening playing Mario Kart wii with one of my sister’s friends who wasn’t able to go to the dance, but wanted to go to dinner with them, and spend the night after they were finished with the dance. He’s cute, and he complimented my grandmothers ring (I’ll tell you the story of how I found it in a minute) which basically made him automatically the coolest of my sisters friends. The way to get on a gays good side? Compliment his accessories. The bad thing about tonight is, my sister will have around 7 people spending the night. You can basically kill me now. I don’t know where they’re all sleeping, or what they’re sleeping on, because not a single one of them was smart enough to bring sleeping bags. Or changes of clothes for that matter. *rolls eyes* Freshmen.

So, how I found my ring. I was stepping out of the shower before school a few days ago, and happened to look at the top of the cabinet/mirror, and there, glistening in the light was my ring. I couldn’t help thinking that when I saw it because it really was directly under the light in the bathroom. Lol. anyway, I’d forgotten it for so long that it had a bit of an oily looking film on it. A few days of constant rubbing and it’s even shinier than before. It’s nice to have it back. I’d really like it if my necklace would be fixed though because my hand is constantly at my neck. I don’t really think about it, but I’m always either pulling on my skin or fidgeting with my collar. A necklace would be a nice distraction!

Tomorrow I will be helping one of my aunts with her yard to help pay for Greece. Idk how I’m getting there, since my mom is going to be busy driving kids across the country side. Wish me luck!