Sorry for missing a day. Yesterday was really boring and could’ve easily not happened at all without impacting the world. I had a test in math which I’m pretty sure I failed. I came home and wanted nothing more than to sleep. So I lay down at 9 and half slept for two hours (the rest of my family was away at the homecoming game) before finally managing to achieve true sleep around 11:30.

Today I had no high school classes. I didn’t sleep in though, because I had a lot of unfinished home work to do. It all got done. Italian manages to be exciting and funny consistently, and English 101 continues to be boring and annoying at the same time. Because such a large percent of the class is running start students, the noise level is consistently loud, and the loudest are two girls. They think the class is a huge joke, and laugh annoyingly through the entire two hours (he let us out half an hour early today because he was tired of teaching) of class. They “contribute” (shout out anything that could be relevant to the subject matter, even when the teacher is talking or has asked someone else to talk) and are completely engrossed in their conversation with one another. The teacher does nothing to stop them, which is really annoying. It’s like, you could kick them out of class if you wanted, and considering there are several people who are waiting to get into the class, those who don’t want to be there can leave.

Despite having so much sleep last night, I’m still exhausted. All I can say is, for as much as I’m eating (for dinner last night I had a take home carne asada, with extra rice and beans, lemonade and a crisp burrito from taco time) and as much as I sleep, I better get taller. And yes, I really had to eat ALL of that just to feel full. It doesn’t take much to make me feel hungry. Pretty much an hour after eating I can consume a full meal again. And all you have to do is mention food, and my stomach will begin to feel empty, then the hunger pains come, which can only be relieved slightly by the ever louder growling in my stomach. It’s REALLY annoying. I would just like to live, and not have to be concerned with eating all the time. Yes, I really am complaining about needing to eat so much. The good thing is, I weigh around 160 and I hardly have any fat on me. The bad news is, I have no fat in my butt, so sitting on hard surfaces becomes painful quickly.

Here’s a picture of Buttercup from the 3rd that I never posted.

Had to get a picture of her surrounded by all the alyssum.