Today I skipped high school so I could take my driving test. I did about an hour of practice before hand, and parallel parked absolutely perfectly for the first time ever. Then it was time to actually take the test. We drove around and did the basic things. I had to park up a hill. I did everything correctly, except that I didn’t put my parking brake on. Then when it came time to back around a corner, I was “too far from the side of the road”. She told me to get as close as I could to the side of the road, so I panicked and turned too sharply, which resulted in me bumping into the curb. So I got a 2 instead of a 4. I was in my lane, and I checked twice for pedestrians. That’s all that’s important lol. We got back to the DOL parking lot, and I had to parallel park. I knew I had messed up as soon as I started turning (I ended up hitting the curb that time too lol), but I was able to pull out slightly and correct it. I was in my space, so I got a 2 instead of a 4. But, I passed with a 92. All I had to do was wait to get my picture taken and I would officially have my license. Per usual, when taking pictures with a flash I tend to blink. So what happened this time? The same thing that happens every time. My eyes will forever be half closed on my first license.

After that, my mom drove me to college in time for my Italian test. I’m pretty sure I failed. I left a lot of things blank. I knew what a lot of the questions were asking, but couldn’t remember how to answer in Italian. And I couldn’t remember the verb Essere to save my life. The only form I remember is estate. But I can’t remember what it applies to exactly. Hopefully I did alright though. I just need to pass. That’s it. A high C or low be would be really appreciated. After the test R wanted to “buy me a drink” (take me to starbucks) in celebration of my getting my license. So we drove around and got ourselves lost because I was not communicating well, and R can’t remember which direction is left or right. We had a lot of laughs just getting to starbucks. Once there we talked for about an hour. So I was with her for about an hour and a half after class.

Once home I had to take a nap. I think I’m coming down with a mild cold or something. I’ve had really bad stomach issues for the past few days, and today my nose started running uncontrollably. I was chasing it all over the place.  Wah wah wah. Don’t mind my bad jokes, they’ll be here all week. Anyway. I’ve also got a headache and my ears are plugging up. And I’ve had really bad heartburn for the past few days. I really cannot get sick right now though. I can NOT miss college. I don’t miss anything by not going to high school, but missing college looks bad. Although, it’s easier to make up because it’s all online.

I went to the People to People meeting tonight, and it basically confirmed that I’m going. All I have to do is pull three teacher recommendations and about $7500 out of my hat and I’ll be set! I’m probably going to need to get a weekend job to help pay for it because my mom can’t do it alone. I have to put $400 down, and then go through the interviewing process. If I get accepted (and since I was accepted to Japan I’m pretty sure I’ll be accepted into this) then I’ll be leaving sometime in early July, and will spend 20 days traveling abroad. I’ll find a way to up date at least once a week! If not, I’ll definitely be writing the days events down and then posting them later. At any rate, I need to get there first. Wish me luck!