Here’s my little (it might not end up being so little) rant about J. Not only is she still being cold towards me, but she got pissy with my sister. Now, I’ve said 100 times how much I don’t like my sister. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t kick someone’s ass if they’re being stupid to her. Especially when I have problems with them myself, and ESPECIALLY when they’re over 40 years old. So, here’s the scoop. My sister offered to help J move the bed from her ex husbands house to J’s house sometime this week. J said she’d call today sometime after school. My sister warned her that there was a football game she wanted to go to and that if she was going to help today that it needed to be a quick thing. This made J mad, and my sister said like she felt that she was in trouble and had to defend herself or something. “I felt like I was in trouble with you” she told my mom. As you can imagine, my mom’s not too happy with things.

My sister helped J anyway, and moved J’s ex-husband’s bed completely by herself into his truck. J then took my sister to the football game, while her ex-husband moved the bed into her house. He’s got a back injury and is unable to work because he can’t do any heavy lifting. But he was somehow able to move a king sized bed into his ex-wife’s house. *rolls eyes*. J did little to nothing to help get this bed into her house, which for whatever reason needed to happen immediately, despite the fact that she can’t do anything herself and that no one’s going to be staying in that room for a long time. I’m really not feeling guilty about not helping her now, because clearly she’s got a stick up her butt about something else my family’s done anyway. I need to not talk to her for a few days. If I do it could be unpleasant, and I’d really rather not get into an argument with a 40 year old woman. I mean she’s 40 years old! She shouldn’t be behaving like a 14 year old!

There, that was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. The good news about today is that I found out I’m passing all my classes. I’ve got an 81.6 in Algebra. A 106.3 in US History, along with a gold star. Yes, they gave me a gold star, online. I’ve never seen it done before. Lol. And then I have a 71 something in Italian. Of course, I haven’t taken my test yet. That’s tomorrow. I know I’m going to fail. I’m absolutely terrible with languages. I need to be taught at a first grade level, and I’m not kidding about that. In classes I feel like they’re trying to shove the entire language down your throat in an hour. That’s not how languages are learned. It needs to be a sloooooowww process. I’d be fine taking Italian for several years if the pace was reduced to an 8th of its current speed, and things were explained clearer. I love my teacher, but she flies through the lessons (if you can even call them lessons) and doesn’t define any words because she just wants you to pronounce them. But then she expects you to know all those words the next day. Oh it makes my head spin.