So my mom and I go outside to do a bit of weeding. It was pretty much just a normal day. We started talk to J after a while, and then my mom pointed out the noise of all the starlings that was coming from a stand of trees about a mile away. As soon as she pointed it out I realized how truly loud they were. It was ridiculous. They continued on for over an hour. Long enough for me to grow tired of weeds and go to the backyard (where the 100+ bird calls were even louder), and get my sisters camera. There were several goldfinches (at least 6) on the feeder when I walked into the backyard. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to record the sound of them, because it was REALLY loud. My mom had just walked around back when all of the sudden it became dead silent instantly. I actually had a kind of scared feeling, like someone had just jumped out at me, it was really weird. I looked up because of the lack of noise, and this huge flock of birds was flying away from the trees. They all came to the decision to take flight at the same time. It was really weird how the ALL became silent instantly though. I mean literally every bird stopped making noise at once.
The bees were acting kind of odd too though. There was a bit more congregation around the entrance, and lots of bees just sort of doing circles in the middle of the yard. They weren’t really looking at the hive, they just appeared kind of lost.

And that’s really all I’ve got for today. Although my mom, John and I went and played Mario Kart at J’s for about three hours. It’s not quite as much fun anymore. But it was still fun.

I’m not making sense anymore. I need to go to bed. It’s like all of the sudden I hit a wall around this time of night. My eye’s aren’t even open right now lol. Ok, night!!