Tonight was ridiculous. I signed on, thinking it’d be a quick little post about nothing, and I’d be able to go to bed. But Amber commented asking for my number, so I emailed that to her, and she texted me almost immediately, but also replied to my text, so we were emailing and texting at the same time. And I was also texting my college buddy Cheeseless at the time. On top of that I was trying to answer my FIFTEEN comments for today. I’ve never had so many in one day, so I’d like to take a moment and thank you all for that. I love you. You’re wonderful. *kiss kiss* You’re fabulous. Anyway, while I was texting, and emailing and “trying” to reply to comments (it wasn’t really working) I was texted by yet another person asking about school work. Writing it down doesn’t sound like all that much, but I wasn’t ever not doing something for about an hour.

Finally my phone began to die under the strain of all the messages that were flying, so I had to say goodbye to everyone and get to replying to comments. I love it. Except for the fact that I’m only going to get 6 hours of sleep tonight. That’s not lovable.

September is by far my busiest month yet, and I’ve been getting more than 70 views every day for the past week (excluding one day when I had 69 views). Today was my busiest day with 150 views. Again, thank you guys! I’m 20 views away from 14,000 hits total, and 200 away from having 2000 hits for this month. So, tell your friends about me! 2000 hits a month would be awesome. Yes, my blog really is that lame that I don’t even get 2000 hits a month lol. I can’t believe there are blogs that get that many hits in an hour. Absolutely ridiculous.

Italian was funny today. My teacher made several threats to kill people. But then she explained that she wasn’t really going to kill anyone, it’s just something Italian people say. Lmao. This was made funnier by the fact that I’d told Cheeseless I was going to murder her several times before class. Lol, what does that tell you about me? Cheeseless got to finally see the full weirdness that is Ice Cube. He has a pencil that folds out when you press a button, which he knows how to use as a weapon. The way it folds out allows you to hold it firmly in the middle of your hand, so that the pencil tip is sticking straight out from your fist. He made several jabbing motions to show us clearly how it was intended to be used as a weapon. I was like “oh, well isn’t that neat. That’s exactly why I buy pencils. I want to be sure I can stab someone with it.” I’m not sure if he could tell I was desperately trying not to say something a lot worse.

We also found out that he enjoys pain, which lead us to make plenty of sex jokes about him. He said he didn’t mind being slapped in the face lmao.  It was too good to resist. Of course, Cheeseless and I were raised properly, and said nothing of this to his face. We were texting like mad right in front of him, and giving each other crazy looks whenever he was distracted. Lord help me. I just hope I don’t have to work with him again. I don’t know if I can keep being this polite lol.