I hate math. I hate math. I hate math. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Sooooo stupid. My math teacher has taken to calling on me more than anyone else. Today we were in class for literally a minute and a half and he called on me out of the blue. He wasn’t even looking at me, he just called on me. I’m always paying attention, I’ve sent maybe three text messages, and I’m always taking notes. I have notes for everyday in class. I’m glad I’ve pointed it out to someone else though, because she comments on it too. And it makes me feel less paranoid. I was the only person he called on twice, but not the only one he called on randomly. There was a (usually very smart girl) he called on randomly to explain something but she didn’t know the answer. And I should make it clear that when I say called on randomly, I mean he doesn’t even give others a chance to raise their hands, he just calls on me. He doesn’t wait for others to guess, he just comes straight at me. Thankfully the class seems to find my cluelessness funny (in a good way) and I don’t have to worry about being made fun of.

Italian was… just another class today, but after class Cheeseless and I were talking, and Ice Cube came up, walking hurriedly in front of us, but still trying to talk to us, and asked about getting together tomorrow. He looked like a crazed animal, no lie. His eyes were enormous, and not really looking at us, and he was walking all over the place in an attempt to keep walking forward. As soon as we agreed to meet tomorrow he gave a hurried goodbye and ran full tilt (literally hunched over) down the walkway to god knows where. Cheeseless and I couldn’t help but laugh at him once he was running. Only the weirdest outcasts in my high school run like that. And they’re the only ones TO run. No one runs anywhere. We couldn’t stop laughing at him, as bad as it sounds. We couldn’t find him after that either. He seemed to’ve just disappeared.

I spent the evening home alone, since my sister went down to see my dad, and my mom had to go down to get her. They got home literally seconds before Glee started. I’m officially in love with that show. And Brittney was awesome tonight. I’ve always loved her character, but she finally got to have an episode about her. She realized she was better than everyone, and will be doing more solo’s from now on lol. Looooove it. And Brittney Spears even had a few lines, which was really cool. I have to say though, I’m getting really tired of Rachael. She’s become too annoying, and my friends and I all feel she could leave the show. She and Finn could go on some road trip to vegas and leave the show for a while, leaving room for the other people to actually have some camera time. It was annoying that she got two solo’s and Kurt only got one backup part. He was the only one who actually demanded to do Brittney from the start. He even had to go to the office because of it. Hopefully the two “stars” parts are reduced so that others can expand their characters.

That’s all I’ve got for today lol.