As of right now all I need is one more page view and September will become my busiest month yet! Loooove it.

Classes were boring. Math is driving me nuts. I really don’t care if Math is required in order to get a college degree, I’m not taking it. It’s completely useless. I’ll NEVER EVER need to know how to make a step function. How is that useful to me? If I want to make some stairs, I’ll do simple math. My teacher just fly’s through everything, and then gets mad when people don’t respond. And he’s started picking on me for some reason. He’s been calling on me more and more, and today I finally pointed it out to my friend. Once I pointed it out she realized I was right. He asks me to do problems more than anyone. Any other answer he gets he gets from asking the class in general, but even then only the same four people respond. I think that must mean that I’ve got the worst grade in the class. Why else would he be calling on me? I have no idea how to tell the difference between equations that look identical. And yet he insisted I be the one to answer the questions. Uggghh. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

I dread high school. Even if it is only two hours. Italian is much better. The class is fun, and even though I really haven’t learned anything yet, I like the college atmosphere and I like the people. Today Ice Cube, or Ace as I now refer to him as, and Cheeseless got together before class to talk about our project thing. My teacher came over and helped a little bit, and basically we know exactly what we’re doing. At least, I know what I’m doing. I feel like its obvious. We needed to get one more group member though, and wouldn’t you know it, someone asked us. I felt super ahead because everyone had forgotten about the project over the weekend, and had no idea who they were going to work with, and I was sitting there calm as a cucumber because I already had everything worked out.

What else what else… I thought about River for most of the day, lol. That’s not creepy… *cough* He was the extent of my day though, for sure. Yummmmm……